Today I am feeling low. My mom died

Today I am feeling low. My mom died of cancer on this day in May of 1998. So I have spent all day in bed. I really hope she is doing good where she is. There are times I really miss her. The 16th of May will be bad for me as well. That is the day I picked out her urn. I had her cremated. I had little money at the time and my family being the assholes they were would not help me buy her a proper casket. Which is why I left Texas a few years later. I hope they all go to hell. They deserve to be there if anyone does. My life is much better now. I have a loving husband who understands my wacky moods and puts up with my demented stories. So even though I am on lay off from work things are going well. I am glad to be off anyhow. Smiles. Still transcribing the short stories. HA is on the back burner for now. I will probably have to tear it to the bare bones of the story and start over for like the fifth time. So if you loyal Readers don’t see me posting for a few days don’t think anything bad has happened. I am probably just in “transcribe” mode and working hard on that collection. Until later, my lovelies, Lady Soket “Write naked in the dark. If you can write a sex scene that arouses you it will amuse your readers” My own personal motto Wicked smile


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