Kim’s Gems

Kim’s Gems are “good mood” crystals and gemstones. The stones in silver, copper, or gold bells cost $10.00 dollars each. The crystals which are wire wrapped cost $15.00 dollars each. The stones come in a variety of colors and shapes. The crystals come in Clear quartz, rose quartz, or aamatheyst quartz.


The wire wrapped crystals take a little longer to make.


A few facts about the crystals.

Clear quartz is good for dispeling negative energy and focusing your thoughts. Rose quartz is used in finding and keeping love and healing old hurts. AmAmatheysst quartz is good for good luck, protection, and wwillpower. All of the stones and crystals come on a variety of colored cords. These are a must have in the many negative and energy draining enviroments that we find ourselves in day after day. I use mine in my working enviroment. They do help to reduce stress and conflicts when worn on a daily basis. I wear mine all day and only take mine off to sleep. I will be adding in chains soons as well as sets. I will be putting up pictures so that you all can see them.


For clients with exotic stone needs please feel free to contact me and we will work out a price and find what you need. I will answer e-mails as promptly as possible. Always ask questions about the stones or crystals. I welcome comments as well as suggestions.


Kim Robinson

Founder of Kim’s Gems


“Where wellness and positivity meet.”