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Today I did the 3 mile Slim Walk by Leslie Sansong. You can find it on .So now I have done 1-0 miles in 11 days. 7 of them in the last three days. And you know what? I have decided to do 3 miles a day except for Sundays. So my goal of 140 should be able to be reached by Thanksgiving. I am not changing my eating habits. I just want to do the workouts and see if they will help me slim down a little. I want to fit into my size 10 wedding gown which I brought back in 2001. So a size 10 is my goal.


In other news: The new 2012 Fusion that we just now got has a battery problem. Jamie took it into the dealership this afternoon and they sent him to Advance Auto Parts. The dealership paid for a new battery. We weren’t out a penny which is good. He had thought it was either the battery or the alternator. So the Fusion is fixed for the time being. So that is good news.


Updates: I wrote 2 good short stories last night. I am still working on Caged! as well. I plan on writing another short story tonight as well. So my writing has been busy for the next few days. Tomorrow is Sunday and Jamie is off. We plan to go to GU Gaming Underground tomorrow for the Pathfinder Society “meet and greet” at 11 a.m. We might do a quick game if one is offered and then grocery shopping and getting ourselves ready for the week ahead.


That’s all the news and updates I have for now.


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Facebook Woes and Greatness




Facebook really drives me crazy. Sometimes it will let me write a whole four line paragraph and post it. Other times it won’t post anything at all. My screen reader hates it with a purple passion which is why I can only post there like once a week if I am lucky or it actually let’s me post a one liner sometimes.


Now on to the greatness of . It allows me to post on a daily basis and the fun part is it is totally free to set up an account customize it and post anything you like. I have been a member here for a year or so now and I like it a lot. In the beginning it took me about a month’s time to learn my way around the site and how to post stuff. It is harder to do with a screen reader but after some trial and error on my part I have it down now. I would highly reccomend it to anyone who is a writer or wants to showcase their work in a fun, bold new way. You can upgrade your services and buy a domain name or even more elaborate stuff as well but you don’t have to. The free blog works just fine for me now and there is no limit to what you may write on your own blog. I have seen very large posts of three thousands or more words on here. Lots of people all over the world use and I am hoping that some of my friends will make the leap to wordpress soon now and find out what a great service it is and how easy it is to use.


I am still coming out with ideas for my Nanowrimo contest entry this November. I will most likely try my hand at something new and different this year. I am getting revved up now and will be churning out some word count this weekend. I hope to see some of my friends from Nano doing the same.


If you join wordpress they have a Daily Prompt that relates to writing that you can do everyday. Sometimes I do them if the topic intrests me enough. /smiles. I have finally gotten over six hundred hours of story related things on my digital voice recorder. Now comes the deleting of all the half files off of it and transcribing all the rest into more useable formats. I will keep you all updated on how that goes. I will update more tomorrow. Until then Gentle Readers take care of yourselves and be safe. Best Wishes.


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Unemployment woes 2






Well I just got off the phone with unemployment again. Now they are telling me that the employer has until July 26th to send in my “Lack of Work” paperwork. GRRRRR. So I called work and talked to my HR rep again. She told me that they come in in batches and that 10 came in on Wensday and were sent back out on Thursday. Why do I feel like I am getting royally fucked over here?


I know why. I have talked to several other laid off workers that were laid off the same time I was. They are back to work and have been now for three weeks. Now my HR rep says,”We don’t have enough work to bring you back. The M1 bags haven’t come in yet. RABU is going well but we don’t have enough work there to put you back there.”


This basically boils down to “Everyone is back but you.” I had to ask for a freaking loan again. This is the last one I will be able to get from them. But I can’t get it until next Wensday after 2pm. Sighs. Luckily we have enough food in the house to last until Wensday. After that it could be bad.



But even worse than all of this crap we have to cut Jamie’s DnD game that we just started last Saturday off this week. We are planning on going to the Sunday game that we both play in but it really sucks that we have to not show up for our own game because of all this unemployement crap.


So unemployment says that I will get “backpay” whenever the employer confirms that I was laid off due to lack of work. Which does not do us a damned bit of good right now. Shakes head. I freaking hate living here. I will be so glad to move out of this stupid state. So backpay coming eventually. Which translates to whenever they get the form from WSIFB who are dragging their feet as fucking usual. So fun.


On the other hand I have finished my Camp Nano session as of July 18th. I got 50,231 words. So all I have to do is validate nesxt week. I will probably write more next week. But even if I don’t I have made my goal and am satisfied with that progress.


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Daily Prompt Earworm This Daily Prompt has been done


Daily Prompt Earworm


This Daily Prompt has been done before now. You write what you would normally write adding in a movie quote,song lyric, or anything else that’s stuck in your brain this week.



So lately I have been doing some DND tabletop gaming and really enjoying it immensely. It is nice to get back to it after an extended absence in my case over a decade here. Smiles. In spite of all that “All Nightmare Long” from Metallica has been running through my mind this week as unemployment has been a total pain in the ass to deal with. I finally got paid for two weeks ago now yesterday. So now I have to file my own claims via telephone or Internet and it is a real pain. The damned call in line keeps telling me that my employer has filed for me this week and I will not be able to file for myself. I am gettting pretty pissed off about the whole thing and it’s making me want to rip someone’s face off. I spent yesterday on the freaking phone for forty minutes on hold and no one picked up the line as I waited for someone to do so I can freaking find out what I need to do next about the damned unemployment. Sighs.



So I guess you could say I am “running around like a chicken with my head cut off” trying to sort all of this crap out. Thanks to the new governor of NC who has made a new law where your employer can’t file for you after June 29th 2013. So I am stuck doing it all myself and did not get informed of this fact until last week. Thank you sooo much WSIFB. Or as I currently call it “Hellworld.”


Now my contact there has not called me back yet today. So I am going to wait until one pm. Then I am calling her back every half hour until she either answers the freaking phone or I blow up her answering machine. I think she is avoiding everyone that got laid off. That number is at 52 by the way. And all of us are blind or visually impaired. They could have told us a few weeks ago this was going down. Instead they wait till after June ends to tell us. Their excuse”We did not know this was going to happen.” Bullshit. They work for the freaking government and I know the state would have given them a heads up. There is no excuse for this shit.


In other things I have been writing my Camp Nano project. Currently am at 13,213 words of 25k. I am thinking of upping my word count to 35k or 50k as everyone in my cabin has higher word count goals than I do. I hope to hit 15k and beyond today. That’s all for right now G.R.s. Take care of yourselves and try and have a good rest of the day and “Here’s looking at you,kid.” FFrom Casablanca. Only line I remember from the whole movie.


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2013July Camp NanoWrimo Session   I have decided on my


2013July Camp NanoWrimo Session




I have decided on my Camp Nano project forJuly. It’s going to be 25k words and an adventure journal. I have not decided on the character’s name although I know she will be female. She might be of another race as it is a fantasy novel. I simply love doing those.


I thought I would give myself a little break from the 30k limit I set myself in April. I might write over the 25k limit I have set myself or not. Only time will tell. I requested some campers already and this time I hope I get them. Still have to wait and see on that issue. I hope we get some more active campers this go round. We had three that did not even bother to write anything at all. Very disappointing I must say.


Mainly though I have cut down my word count as I want to help Jamie with his game. I plan to work insome little bits for his world building that he is doing. Hopefully some of it will be of help.


Other than that I am working on some writing and hoping to have a string of stories for you all to read as July progresses. Again it’s just a matter of waiting for Monday as far as Camp Nano goes. Who else is ready to romp, stomp your word count flat and have a blast? I know I am. I also will proudly admit to being a “pantser” one who does not plan out a novel as compared to a “planner” one who outlines and then writes. Sometimes this gets me jammed up and sometimes it really is freeing. I just let my fingers go and see what comes out on the screen. It might take me a little longer to write stuff up but I don’t mind that usually unless my msworks eats my novel. It actually did that at the start of April’s session. But crap happens we pick ourselves up and go onward. So get those fingers limbered up and get to writing. And don’t give up. You all can do this. I have great faith in us all. and Go Team Pantser on Twitter. Smiles.


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Four Days Until Camp Nano Again


Four days until the July session of Camp Nanowrimo begin. I have no freaking clue what I am going to write about this session. I do know that my word count goal will be 30,000 once again. Other than that no frigging clue. Not that this is unusual in any way shape or form for me. Normally I do not know what I am going to write for several days beforehand and then my muse wallops me upside the head with an idea and says,”This month we are going to write about this….” and whatever topic she says to write about I do as she is normally PMSing and cranky without her chocolate and her caffinated rush.


Oh, and by the way did I mention that I am attempting to cut down on sugar and soft drinks once more? Shakes head in sheer disgust at self. You need soda and chocolate lots of chocolate I hear my muse screaming at me in THX Surround sound. So, yeah, July is going to be interesting and what’s that? turns head at a suddden noise….GET CHOCOLATE RIGHT NOW!


Stuff it muse. Your not on the job yet. Oh and i did mention that I have three days to come up with a character for my Sunday DnD game I am going to? Oh, and there is still this stupid lay off. Luckily I am in the process of doing some laundry while Jamie is off to Gaming Underground scouting out a 2nd edition game tonight. So we may be going to more than one game in the next few weeks.


not to mention 30,000 words. I know if you break it down it’s only 1,000 words a day. I normally write between 2k-5k a day if I really get going. I will just have to see how it ggoes. All donations of chocolate gladly accepted. I have switched to a sugar substitute so it is not all bad. I started gradually weaning myself off the sugar a few months back. I will have to see what twisted tale my corrupt little mind comes up with next. Hold onto the “Oh,Shit” handle Readers. To quote the immortal Bette Davies,”It’s going to be a bumpy night.” If I am not mistaken that’s from All About Eve.


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