Jamie’s got a job. He is working for Domino’s Pizza once again. He started last night and works from 5pm–10pm or so. He works five days this week. He is off on Wed.-Thurs. I am proud of him and have been racking my brain to do something for him special. So far all I have come up with is roleplaying with him. When he starts getting a normal schedule I will most likely take him out to dinner or something. I know he will most likely be working the weekends.


With a pizza place that is almost a guarntee. So most likely I’ll be home and goofing off on the computer like now or writing up a story or two. It is odd to have the house to myself for a few hours a day. I suppose I will get used to it. I am still planning to do Nanowrimo in November. I know that most if not all of my cabin mates from July will be doing so as well. I don’t know what I will write about yet but I will figure it out. i have several months to go yet.


I am in a far better mood than I was the last time I posted. I hope that Jamie can keep this job now that he has it. I hope he is enjoying working again. I know that he got really bored waiting on me to get home to do something with. Now he will have a little bit of money to spend on himself. And I think that will be good for him. I just hope he doesn’t come to resent working again. Hopefully he will like it and keep working. He has a chance to advance fast as some people are fixing to get laide off or go back to school. I am hoping that he will get some more hours when they do. He’ll have about twenty hours this week plus any tips he gets for delivering pizzas. I am looking forward to him being home soon.


Lady Soket

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It has been a long three weeks. Back on the job and hating it as usual. The money is ok I just wish I had more to occupy my mind instead of folding fabric for eight hours a day. Sometimes even the books on my digital book reader don’t help a whole hell of a lot. I have been thinking that I don’t really do much with my life and have started thinking of what to do to improve this.


I have come to the conclusion that there is not much I can do at this particular moment. I plan to start saving up forty bucks a week starting this coming week and perhaps before I die I might be able to afford a house. I plan to look into starting a savings account soon as well.


This week is the end of outside the house gaming for me as well. I am sick of the fourth edition games and it is costing too much to continue them. So I suppose that we have had our rather expensive fun by going to Gaming Underground here in High Point, N.C. I will miss gaming out but it’s time to focuse on more important stuff now. Like building up a checking/savings account. Buying a house. Buying or getting a loan to finance a new truck. I simply won’t have time to game anymore. I will have a house by 2015 or I will settle down and rent something for the rest of my natural life. I am getting sick of trying to get ahead frankly. I know that some of this is pure moodiness on my part and I accept that. I am also thinking of returning to school and getting a degree in something. It will take a while to save up for that though. I wouldn’t mind not going back to school if I could get a job I marginally like. However I don’t think that is likely to happen while I am still alive. Shrugs. Whatever. I will ride out my job here as long as I can. I might hate the fuck out ofit but I have to get my quarters in so I can go on my own benefits ortherwise what the fuck am I doing any of this for? Anyhow that’s my rant for this week. Tune in next week when hopefully I will be even more depressed and bitchy.


Lady Soket

“That’s right. Life is out to get you. Anyone who says differently is selling something.”





I see Jamie has been talking about mythology again. I like Egyptian,Greek, Roman and any thing involving elder gods or Goddesses. Since FB is being bitchy go figure I thought I would comment on my wordpress blog. You all really should get one of these. They are free and easy to use. I hope all of my Friends in Talespinners are having a ggood day. I just got off work at four pm. and thought I would drop you all a line.


As to traditional Publishing vs. E-book publishing I most likely will go with either audio books or ebooks simply because traditional publishers won’t understand my writing. Smiles.  So just a quick note to you all. I will be writing some more this week at least in blog form. Quite looking forward to Percy Jackson Sea of Monsters. Greek Myths were my first love until I found Egyptian lore. Roman stuff was mostly too watered down for my tastes personally. Will write more later. Take care all.


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Life, Work, Writing,Dungeons and Dragons




I have had a busy week this week. First week back to work this week after a fifteen week lay off. I suppose it will get better once this coming week is over. I plan to take Jamie to see the new Percy Jackson Movie Sea of Monsters this coming weekend. I am looking forward to that if not work.


I could not find my way around the plant to where I wanted to go this week. I hope it will be better this week. I did a seven hour rp with Jamie yesterday. I plan to do a shorter one tonight before bed.


We played in two Dungeons and Dragons games this week. I got to play Karalon, my changeling assissan. That was a hell of a lot of fun. I look forward to playing her the week after next as money is low this week. On Thursday we played our 3rd ed. game that Jamie runs. A few of our players were out so we had to muddle through a few fights. I was partly bored at around eight o’clock pm. We had split the party up into two groups of two each. Week after next I am going to try and stay with the entire group. Tangles our halfling wizard will be on a pilgrimage so it won’t be as hard not to just “hang around” with one of the few fun members of the party. I am playing Trellia my dragonborn sorceress in that game but I haven’t got her fully devloped as a character yet. Sheis being way too nice as a neutral evil character. I have to work on that aspect more. So no DND this week. Which is fine with me as I need the rest.


Life is going along as it will often do. I can’t wait to get some money together and start the saving account plus the bank account growing once more. Jamie is loooking for work as well. So we just have to “wait and see” on that front.


I miss my writing and plan to go back to it this week some. Even if only an hour after I get home at least that will be something. I am also planning on doing some online coursework sometime soon. It time to start doing something that can benefit me again. I still have time to get a degree. I just have to come up with the first semester’s tution first. I figure I could do community college if I have to. They don’t cost as much as universities to start with anyhow. I will start looking and decide who I want to give my money to in that regard. So that is what has been happening in my life this week. How has yours been Readers?


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The Job is Back




Well today my HR rep called from work. They want to try me on a job I have already done on Monday. So guess who gets to go back to work? That’s right me. The job I will be doing is so easy a retarded monkey could do it. Luckily I have some digital books to listen to. So it won’t be all bad. I have to talk to the HR rep on Monday when I report in. I should have no problem this job. The only bad thing is I am back in RABU. But there is good news on that front too. Bobbi the previous supervisor is gone and Vicki is the supervisor there now and she doesn’t have any issues with me personally that I know of.


So back to work I go. Will write through the week and let you all know how it goes.


Lady Soket

“Damn. Just when I was starting to have fun.”

Playing the Games





Ok I have played in several editions of Dungeons and Dragons over the many years I have been playing. I have played in 1st edition, 2nd edition, 3rd edition, 3.5 edition and now 4th edition. I am getting really annoyed at 4th edition lately. It takes hours upon hours to make a character to even play in 4th edition. Now 1,2, and 3rd editions had their flaws don’t get me wrong here. But first, second, and third also had room for roleplaying your characters. I am beginning to feel strongly that Fourth edition has no room for roleplay at all. I have two different DMs that I play Fourth edition characters for. Now being blind is hard enough. But all the spells, powers, attacks, and all the other multiple things you have to remember and memorize is just staggering.


Now mind you my mind is as sharp as anyone else’s. But in first, second, and third editions you didn’t have this massive amount of information to have to memorize and remember. You rolled up a character and played. You devloped the character as you went along. Not everyone was perfect and unstoppable. They had to rest, eat, and go to the bathroom. Now it seems like none of that matters at all. The Dm simply says,”You take a short ten minute rest and get back your powers,spells, and other stuff.” Or if you do actually happen to rest overnight you get back all of your stuff powers and all and action point as well. Now tonight hapappens. Before our forth edition game we played in a first edition game. I could not help comparing the two games. The first edition game was very simple and fun compared to the fourth edition game that followed it. I do realize that we all had new characters in both games. Our first edition characters took about 1 hour to roll up and get going. Our Fourth edition characters took seven hours to make. I mean really. Seven hours. And then they still aren’t right. Poor Jamie was about to pull out all of his remaining hair trying to figure all of this stuff out. As for myself I was and am totally confused. We threw out our paladin and warlord we were making and went with a feral druid and a changgeling assissain. Both are totally new character for us both. But we don’t play for combat encounters. We play to roleplay our characters. We got very little if any chance to do so tonight in the fourth edition game. Frankly combat every time I go to DnD bores the hell out of me. We didn’t even roleplay introducing our characters to each others. It was literally, “My name is…” and off we went to the Fey Wilds. Shakes head. If I don’t get to do some roleplaying soon i am going to scream. I mean three hours of nothing but combat is boring. That is really my opinion on the matter. If you like combat play Fourth edition. Otherwise play editions before that. I hope things get better soon. Otherwise…who the hell knows?


I know the Fey Wilds are supposed to be crazy but perhaps not as crazy right of the bat as they were tonight. I expected us to walk around a bit first and get a feel for the land before being attacked. Boy was I ever wrong. Tune in next week when I bang my head on the table and exclaim, “Fuck it all. I am done.”


After two months of not getting fourth edition at all I am beginning to wonder if it is even worth it to play that edition. I might just play the others and be done with it. It would certainly save me the headaches. Fourth is so flat and so restrictive tthat it bleeds all the fun of roleplaying anything at all out of it. If I wanted to play hack and slash I have a PS