D&D Session Fun with the Gang


Well today was lots of Fun in our D&D session. We went out of CrossRoads down the road to the south. We found some dead bodies and some dead horses. Tracks were seen by all which was a mix of goblin and someone wearing mail. There were two graves dug and some bodies buried there. There had been a fight of some sort and blood trails ran off in three seperate directions.
We came across an odd woman in mail who told us she was guarding her friends resting places. That they had been attacked by some goblins and that the goblins had run off to the south. Eliada gave her some food and water and we made our way along the south road. We had a map and went to find a keep there. It was at the edge of an ocean and was quite run down.We got there and discovered the door was shut. So our friendly neighborhood rogue pounded on the door and an orc answered. I turned to Shona and demanded that she kill it. The orc heard this and tried to slam the door closed and lock it.

Wacky fun ensued as Jeremy playing Ander tried to shoulder the door open. He hit it twice and I threw Eliada against it twice. She kicked it both times and landed on her ass. I believe that Jeremy finally got the door open well enough that he knocked the orc back behind it. So in we all go as Mike playing his halfling wizard decides to get in another way. Once he does so he goes off exploring the upper stories of the keep. He finds a lot of empty corridors and a crumbled down spire or two. It is dusty there but he keeps on going.

Once inside the outer courtyard of the Keep we fight the orc and eventually kill him off.Our rogue Justin goes off exploring a bit on his own. He finds the kitchen and also a room with 2 goblins in it. He attempts to fight them but they almost kill him. He runs out away from them and down the hallway back to us yelling, “Monsters are behind me.” And indeed the goblins were pursuing him as well.

By this time I, Patrick, as Shona,jeremy were all engaged in killing the orc. I ordered Shona to put the orc’s head on a pike outside the Keep to deter unwanted visitors, i.e. anyone that was not us. She dragged the body out and did as instructed. Then she returned to us.

We had a big bbattle with some goblins later on. A highlight of this session was Justin’s rogue running away from the first goblins in the dining hall rapidly losing blood and banging into a huge gong on the wall as he staggers away from them. “As a result of this our Dm (Jamie) made a musical referral to “Bang the Gong.” I must admit poor Eliada cursed a blue streak at this and other players referred to last session and the gong that everyone hit on their way into the river. “Don’t bang any gongs He enjoys it too much.” Jamie had a great time after that setting us all up with more goblins to fight and deal with We also had a hobgoblin and a wierd bird like creature to deal with as well. Our rogue healed himself somewhat and tried to help us fend off the hobgoblin and the other goblins and the bird creature. We eventually killed them all in that section. Then we had our main boss fight and that took a bit longer. Shona our ranger got down to negative health. But we were able to cap the goblins and I healed her up to a standing position again. She used a healing pot to help herself even further.

Mikeencountered a giant owl which grabbed him and dumped him back down with us. We all healed up and made it to level 3.Yay for us we rock as a group. Now we have a Keep to rebuild and work on which will be fun once we make sure no more bad things are there. As usual fun session guys and it should get even more fun from here. Looking forward to this weekend and the fun we will have then. Jeremy have fun on your trip to the beach next weekend.

Lady Soket
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D&D Session


Today was our D&D session with Jamie running his game. It was a lot of fun as I got to play my High Elf Wizard Eladia Iredell which was formerly spelled as Eladia Iradell. We are playing at 2nd level and have had some fun with Eladia hiring the whole party to be bodyguards for her. She is taking care of expenses for the group for a bit so they have lodging at her manor house in Iriandel. She flat out gave them contracts as well as supplies and weapons. So she is party leader and so far has done a good job of it this session. Of course we got into a little trouble with some bandits and captured a bad guy along the way. We turned him in to the proper authorities in the small town of Crossroads. We acquired six horses from the bandits as well as something we had to take back to Irieendal. So we are on our way to do that.

I want to thank Jamie for Dming and our group of players.

Kudos and thanks go out to Patrick,Jeremy, Justin, and Brendan. They all did a great job and I am looking forward to this coming weeken and playing more with this group. And we will see if a few others join up as well. Always room for some moreplayers.

My dice were fairly nice to me this session. Unlike the usual where they like to roll low. As in between 1-10. We also fell down some chutes and rang a gong which alerted some bad guys to our presence. We had to fall in a river and get swept along. I got hit for damage but as long as I don’t die I am all right with that. I can rest and recover and have full health back after a long rest. Stealing the bandits horses was fun as well. I really liked playing with this group and I hope they had as much fun as I did.See you all this coming weekend.

Lady Soket
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Back To D&D


Well tomorrow is Sunday. I am really looking forward to playing in D&D once more. I enjoy my character and she has a good background story as well. Looking forward to playing with Jamie as DM again. His gaming style is unique and fun. He does not run a static world. It will be fun to play with Mike, Patrick,myself, and jeremy as well. Let me be the first to say a great big “Hi, there” to Jeremy. I am always glad to see new players come on board and have fun. Looking forward to tomorrow. Hope to see all of you guys there.

Lady Soket
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The iron keep Saga


Well I have started writing yet another book. This one will be called The iron keep Saga. According to my calculator from yesterday and today I have 14, 198 words so far. Of course I will have to edit out my headings but that should not cut my word count too much. It should be an intresting project to do. It is set in a post nuclear world and takes place after all the blasts and radiation have happened. I am working with a limited group of characters so I will see what happens to them along the way. The Iron Keep itself will have 6 levels and 2 extra dimensional ones as well. So I have a lot of rooms to write up as well as some bad guys. I plan to write up the description of the Iron Keep itself tomorrow when I get home.

Until then happy writing and a good work week to you all. I only have a few more weeks to go before I am laid off yet again. But that is not all on me. I can not get others to do their parts to help us keep our contract. I am just one of the little people and most of the people in my department want to sit in a chair and gossip and get paid for doing as little as possible. I have decided that it does not matter. Once this contract ends I will draw unemployment and enjoy my time off. I can only do what I can. Other people will just have to look out for themselves. Sorry to go on a rant about work. It is my writing that matters. Take care Gentle Readers. Another update in a few days.
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