Quick nano update


Ok Gentle Readers. A quick nano update. I am now over 15k words so far. So more than halfway home on t still haven’t finished the first story yet. Sigh. I think it wants to become a novel instead of a short story. Shakes head. Why do athat 30k word count. I think I amĀ  least eight five percent of my short stories want to be novels? It can be a real pain in the ass when I am trying to write short fiction. Does not bang head on laptop as I long to do sometimes. I think I will start up another story because this one is starting to drive me insane. And yes I know Allen. You don’t have to say it. “Finish what you start.” It will be finished this month. I plan to work on it some more today. But now am going to let my brain relax with a movie. It is starting to remind m is half the fun isn’t it? Making them get out of all the hot water you put them in. And I am learning some gangster speak along the way. Oh and about booze and drinking back then as well. They really liked their hooch. And apparently looking at the legs on women. Chuckles. I think most men like that. There is always something to draw the eyes to you. How you dress and act does as well. Anyhow am rambling. Will write more later. Take care all.

“Of course you can kill them. Just do so in a new way.” e of an endless loop. I write the story and it keeps growing and growing and growing. Kind of like the Blob but it is the never ending short story. I am attempting to use gangster slang from the 1920s as well. And now will be putting in some famous landmarks from New york as well. My poor MC is up to his neck in trouble. But thatdoing pretty good. But


Update on Magic Happens for nano


Ok. Here is a quick update on Magic Happens. I am currently at 14, 056 words so far of 30k. Just wanted you all to know. Take Care. Smiles.