Thanks for all the Birthday Wishes

Thanks for all the Birthday wishes everyone. Simon I am glad to hear you will try to do both camps and the November regular session. I am hoping to do the same. To Hilary,Wade,Tom,Kyle,Kenny and once again Simon as well as Jamie as always for responding to my updates. As usual FB is being annoying so thank you all and I hope you all have a good day today. I slept in really late but that is ok. Smiles. I hope to be able to read what you all said soon. Smiles. Have a good rest of your day all.
Lady Soket
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Happy Birthday to Me!

Hello there Gentle Readers. Today is my Birthday. So I thought I would just jot down a note here. I want to see if anyone at all replies to this little sally of mine. I suppose we will see.

Lady Soket
“Remember-If it is your birthday–Do any damn thing that you want to.”

Happy New Year everyone

Hello there Gentle Readers. It’s been awhile since I last wrote a post and I hope everyone is having a great New year so far. I will be updating the site with news and new features as I can. Working takes up quite a bit of my time lately but no worries. I am still writing and doing Nanowrimo most years. The last word count I had in November was 59,656. Not too shabby I think.
So I will put up a new theme and work on lots more writing. I hope you all have a great January. As forin a few days. Smiles. I will write again soon.
Lady Soket
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Con-gregrate 2014

Jamie and I went to the first Con-gregrate 2014 on July 11-13. We attended Allen Would’s Writers Workshop and did a first and second draft of our books first paragrahs. This was the first con that either of us had attended.

We gained a lot of information from the panelists and plan to put it to good use. We met some excellent writers including Diana Bastine and her sister Deborah Killeen. Both were gracious enough to allow us a signed copy of their books and I wanted to thank them both personally for their encouragement and good spirits as I am sure they were tired by the end of the con. Many, Many thanks to all of the panelists on Allen Would’s Workshop as well. I will be putting most of your words to use in my writing.Thanks to everyone who I spoke with and I hope you all had as much fun as we did.

Lady Soket

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5 Year Plaque and dinner

5 Year Plaque and Down to a size 14

Well I am feeling pretty good about myself this week in spite of the lay off which is into week 6 now. I went shopping on Wednesday and brought 3 new dresses. I thought I was still a size 16 but found out I am now into a size 14. I was very excited by this as all of you ladies and guys out there know how hard it is to lose weight. I bought 3 just above my knee dresses. One is peach, and one is black and gold with small gold chains going down the front of it, and one is a strapless black and gold leopard print with a rope belt. I was also excited by the strapless dress as it is the only garment that I have ever bought myself that requires a strapless bra to go with it.

Anyway as to why I brought the dresses. On June 5th I had my 5 year anniversary of working for Winston-Salem Industries for the Blind. So I went out dress shopping and brought the 3 dresses I mentioned. We all were invited to a luncheon held in our honor and received our 5 year plaques then. I wore my new black and gold dress with the chains down the front.

Lunch consisted of a salad, apple pie, and spaghetti and cheese with garlic bread and a fruit cup with sweet tea to drink. I ate most of it and brought my apple pie home to my husband.

So after we ate our names were called and we all got to take a picture with the two main bosses. That would be David Horton and David Hampton. The luncheon was from 11:30a.m. to 1:00 p.m. We were all done with it all by 12:33 p.m. Then a few of us hung around and talked till about 12:45 p. m. then I headed outside for my husband to pick me up. I have updated my face book page with my new picture and hope everyone likes it.

Also as a side note I am still working on my new campaign as well trying to get it up and going in several more weeks. I will keep up posting about it as it develops.

Lady Soket
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