Nano and Jamie

Ok this is for Simon. I got your comment on FB. Jamie is doing well. So far he is at 19,224 words so far. He is shooting for 30k just like I am. I don’t think he will have any problems getting there. How is your word count coming along Simon? I hope it is going well for you and you are having fun with your cabin mates. I got a lot of people revising their previous novels plus a handful of newbies. I miss hanging out with you and jamie. Are you still doing photography?

I am working on having jamie do some computer classes. He seems to like them so far. Work is heating up as I am working overtime all next week. Which means really good paycheck at beginning of May. I will have like 10 hours of OT on that check.

I know I will be tired but only 12 days to go on this Camp nano. I plan to get back to writing circe’s Tales come Monday afternoon. I might not get all the tales finished in 30k but I will have some of them done. Jamie’s novel is a fantasy called 2Lives to Live. It should be fun when he gets it done. I haven’t talked to many of our old Talespinners group. I wonder how all of them are doing? I suppose they will contact me when they have something to say. Hugs to Simon and Jamie and all my fellow cabin mates.

lady Soket
“of course chocolate is better for you than they wanted you to know.”

Pathfinder and Writing

Ok I am currently working on my Pathfinder one shot game for tomorrow. And it should go well I hope. Still at 20,989 words on my nano this year. I will have it done this coming weekend I hope.

To Hilary- Ok I mentioned the WoW stuff to Jamie. I hope you and Ben are doing well. Going back to playing Wow for a bithm? I will be working on the Pathfinder stuff for a while. Doing laundry today as well. And next week back to writing my nano stuff once more.

Jamie has gotten my speech program to work better now. So perhaps I won’t have to reboot all the time. Yay! Being in 40 minute mode might just be a thing of the past. I will keep you all updated on Circe’s Tales.

Have a good weekend all. I am off to write more. Catch you all soon.

Lady Soket
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Nano 2015

Well I said I would keep you all posted on my progress for Nano 2015. My word count so far stands at 20,989 so far out of the goal of 30k that I set for myself. Circe’s Tales is off and running. I hope to have it ready to publish and be comment on by August this year. We will see how it goes.
In other news-
Still at boring job. I am working on a one shot game for my Pathfinder group for this upcoming weekend. Got the creatures now got to work on their stats and other things. It’s a lot of work But I will be ready I hope. Cross your fingers everyone. I will update you all on how that goes.
Lady Soket
“Remember-Bribe the DM with chocolate. And if you die-Smile.”

Nanowrimo 2015

Well once more I am doing Camp nano this year. Here’s a big shout out to Simon- As per usual you are kicking my ass in word count. Keep it up. I am doing a series of short stories for this Camp. So far I have 5942 words so far. These tales are based around the legend of Circe from Greek myths. I am changing a few things and playing around with the concept of sex, magic, and it’s aftereffects. My goal for this Camp is a modest 30,000 words. I am already well on my way there.
I have new cabin mates and look forward to interacting with them. I know that Jamie and Simon will be rooting each other on and I will be rooting them both on as well.

In other news- yes, Gentle Readers work is still boring. But I am also working up a one shot night of DMing for my PathFinder group. I have to jumpstart that project. I have a few ideas but won’t disclose them here. The group will just have to be surprised. Evil smile. “Remember-all bribes of chocolate go to the DM. No exceptions and no returns. Extra points if you make your DM laugh.”

I am greatly looking forward to the game devlopment course that I have signed up for. I will keep you informed of my progress.

Take Care all,
Lady Soket
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Thanks for all the Birthday Wishes

Thanks for all the Birthday wishes everyone. Simon I am glad to hear you will try to do both camps and the November regular session. I am hoping to do the same. To Hilary,Wade,Tom,Kyle,Kenny and once again Simon as well as Jamie as always for responding to my updates. As usual FB is being annoying so thank you all and I hope you all have a good day today. I slept in really late but that is ok. Smiles. I hope to be able to read what you all said soon. Smiles. Have a good rest of your day all.
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Happy Birthday to Me!

Hello there Gentle Readers. Today is my Birthday. So I thought I would just jot down a note here. I want to see if anyone at all replies to this little sally of mine. I suppose we will see.

Lady Soket
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