have to add in …


have to add in my Twitter friends as well. I am hoping that my friends on social media will tell me how I am doing on this blogging thing. I had a blogspot account a few years ago but I coul never log into it so gave it up.


 Well I just added in my wordpress link to all my friends on facebook. Now I just have to add in my Twitter link to wordpress. I am hoping that a few of my friends will like my blog and comment on it. Time will tell on that however.


later all,

Lady Soket

“I’m old. I’m wise. What more do you want?”

“Life is short. Eat all the chocolate that you can.”



Just trying thi…


Just trying this out to see if it works. Please feel free to give me feedback on the background and theme. If you all lik you can all join me at www.wordpress.com


So far this is my first post. Be warned. They will get longer.


Evil Smile,