Update on SSA problem


Hello to all of my Readers. here is an update on the SSA bullshit that I have had to put up with lately. I went to the local SSA office here in Winston-Salem, N.C. Waited almost 2 hours to see someone. I asked for the status on my reconsideration letters and my waiver. According to the man I spoke to the reconsideration letters had been filed. But my benefits will still be cut from 814.00 dollars a month on my mom’s survivor benefits to a measly 297.00 dollars a month. My own benefits will go from 813.00 dollars a month down to 516.00 dollars a month as of October 3rd 2017.

I asked the man why and he said”Because you are not allowed to draw as much as you have been. So the judgement stands. You are being paid the lower amounts because you are working and should not have recieved the higher amounts.” i then calmly explained if this happened I would be homeless soon. The man did not care. He gave me a sheet of social services that would help with rent, and bills and such. WTF???? I cannot read the damned paper. I am freaking blind. So now I have to put in my notice at work as I can no longer afford to live or work here. This totally sucks ass and is totally unfair. Social Security wants you to work and be self suffcient. Basically they want you to make enough so they can take you off of Social Security. It will now take me all of the 813.00 a month I get now to pay off my credit bills. This does not cover a place to stay. So in two weeks I am out of here. I have no recourse or any extra money coming in. So this will be my last post on here for a while. I have to give away stuff and move in two weeks. Thanks so much Social Security. It has done me no good at all to work consistently for the last 8 years. It is over with.I am done with all of this bullshit. If I get a chance to be back online I will update you all as to my whereabouts and activities. I will miss you all. Take care of yourselves and never believe that the Social Security Administration is there to help you do anything at all. Take what you have learned from me and use it to your advantage. Hugs to you all. Until next we meet…

Kim Robinson,



Last Post


Hello to all my followers. Due to issues with Social Security which I have mentioned in previous posts on this blog I will be homeless as of today. This is due to the fact That the Social Security Administration does not adhere to their own guidelines that they set themselves. I am going from about 1627 from them to 813 as of October 3rd. This does not enable me to pay my last month’s rent here of 650 a month and survive here. Therefore I am going to lose my job which I have worked at for over 8 years now as of this September. AS of this writing I now have to pawn stuff in order to move. I am going to talk to Social Security on Monday. I am going to ask for a critical payment for the rest of my money for this month. But that is up to their discretion. The last time I asked for one they cut me a check and then took all of my Social Security check four months later which made me homeless. This was years ago. But I am certain it will happen again. That is how they operate. All of this came about because I called the eight hundred line and asked if both of my benefit checks were going into the same bank account. The man I talked to on the eight hundred line did not give his name or identification number. I told him that all of my bank account info was there. And I wanted to make sure that the checks were going into the right account. He confirmed that they were. Then the next day I got a letter saying I owed a back payment of 2100 dollars in an overpayment. Then the next Tuesday after that I got another letter saying I had an overpayment of 18000 dollars. They are taking my mother’s survivors benefits from 814 down to 297 a month. My own benefits are going from 813 down to 516 a month. I also have a loan from my job that I am paying back. I owe them 500 dollars. I have paid some of it back already but still have over a month to go on it. So today will be my last post. Due to all of the problems I am having I feel it necessary to go offline now. I do not know when or if I will return. I put up a gofundme account to try and get others to help out due to the desperate straits I am in. But now I cannot wait for that help anymore. I have to move somewhere. I have no idea of where.  Everything I have worked my ass off for is now completely past the point of recovery. I am in serious debt with my car and credit card bills. I have been diligently searching for a place to stay in Winston-Salem, N.C. that would allow me to continue working and remain paying down all of my bills and credit. But no one has replied to my e-mails or phone calls in finding another place to stay here. So what else can I do? I will attempt to inform you all of what occurs on Monday. I fear the news will not be good. I need money and lots of it fast. Social security does not give a damn if I am homeless or not. They don’t have to endure this. Why sshould they care about me? Even though Social Security is in place so that people can get a place to stay and survive. Or at least that is what they used to be for. I have to go sell stuff now. I will update on Monday I hope. Take care all. Hugs to all.

Kim Robinson aka Lady Soket

signing off for now…

Paying Back Social Security Overpayment Help mE!


Hello everyone. Well I am at my wit’s end. Social Security is saying I owe them an overpayment of 18k dollars. They are attempting to cut both my own benefits of 813.00 dollars to 500.00 dollars a month only. This will pay rent but not anything else. And all because I called to find out if my checks were going into the same bank account. Ugh. So now they want to cut my mother’s benefits as well from 814.00 dollars to 297.00 a month. Here in Winston-Salem, N.C. that will not cover utilities, or food and transportation to and from work.


So I have started up a gofundme for donations to help me out. The link says Rainbow Bridge Apartments for the Homeless but I can’t get the stupid thing to change the title Which should read Social Security Overpayment Help me . Please help me anyway. I need the support. I have no way at all to pay this huge sum back. I will be cut to this lower amount soon. So any donations would help out immensely. Thank you all so much for your support and help with this emergency matter. Here is the link to use: GoFundMe – Dashboard

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Paying Back Social Security Help me
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Thank you all so much for all of your help and support. I am filled with gratitude and love for all that you help me accomplish.


Kim Robinson


Finally Done with Nano project for July 2017!


Hello Gentle Readers. Well I finally finished the first part of my Nano project. I hit my 30k goal at nine p.m. tonight. Uploaded the file and won. Yay. Busts out the happy dance and does it wildly. yay me. You go Kim. This totally makes my July as I was way behind in mid July. Now it is done and I start revising my magnum opus Herne’s Amusements. Or as I like to call it the trilogy that never dies. chuckles.


Anyhow. Jamie and I have made it our goal to do 30k each month except for November when we will up it to 60k. Now just so you all know I have never hit 60k. So wish me luck in November. I have hit almost 53k in one of my early nano attempts. But we will see how it goes in November.


I think that 30k will be doable. And for the grammar critics out there do not diss doable. I know it is not a word. Still using it anyhow. Get over it.


Hugs to all my friends and to my writing buddies keep plugging along all. I know you can do it. I have faith in you. Also cookies are up for grabs.


Lady Soket aka Kim


off to rest now. Got to go to work tomorrow.

Five days left to write for Moonlight and magic


Hello, Gentle Readers. yes I am back and posting once more. July has been a hectic month for me. The con was fun. Allen, Darcy, and his workshop were inspiring as usual. I adore talking to both him and Darcy. I have been slacking off on my writing. But I am not going to beat myself up for it. I am simply going forward as of today. 30k words is my goal. Currently I am at 12, 410. I need to do 4k a day for the next few days in order to catch up. I am going to try for 5k today so I have a little bit of a head start when I get home tomorrow from work. I stayed off today. The heat in the plant is murder on me. My diabetes was acting up also. So I called in. They really, really need to fix the air conditioner there. It has been out for over a month now. I am getting really sick of sweating through my clothes before eight a.m. Ugh. Sighs. Anyhow not gonna rant about that. I will update this evening with final word count. I hope you all are doing well and staying out of the heat. Remember to drink lots of water. Hugs to all.

Kim //robinson

Nano update and Con this weekend


Hello, Gentle Readers. Just a quick update on my Nano project Moonlight and Magic. So far I am at 10, 337 words so far. 30k is my goal for the month of July. So still got a way to go on it. This story is the first time I have done anything with teenagers in years. It is about a teenage girl who’s best friend gets kidnapped and taken to a magical realm. So  she decides to go there and see if she can get her home. It is intresting so far. I will just have to see where it goes. I am such a pantser. I never plan out anything. Sighs.. Ah, well.


Also looking forward to Congre-grate this weekend. I want to do Allen’s Writing Workshop once again. Jamie and I will both be there this weekend Allen. Hugs.  Also shouts out to Darcy John, Gray, Darrin,Chris , and Chris Shrewsbury. I am really looking forward to seeing you all again. Let’s make some magic happen once more.



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