thank you to all the people that gave me happy birthday wishes on January 11 of 2019 I’ve been going through some things currently in my life that I have to get straight but I want to thank you all for all the well wishes and I hope that you all have a good year this goes out to richard Talley Jen and all the other people that wrote me that I wasn’t able to reply to you fast enough yesterday please please please have a good year and I’m going to try to do the same I will try to post more here as I can much love to the readers in my phone 

much love brother tap to start dictation to finger double tap when finished I hate dictation much love to all my people that read my blog and my friends guys and girls know who you are I hope you have a good year and take care of yourself Kim, lady so good at live.com. I will try to post more often here this year than I have in the year previous hope you are will be ready to read some stuff


merryyuleto all


   hello to all of my readers out there. I just wanted to wish you all a merry you like you LP and a merry Christmas. Hugs to all hope you’re having fun this holiday season 


hey all. I’m here again. Just dictating this on my phone. I was not able to go to Mike on this weekend like I want to do. But I am still writing. I wanted you all to know I’m still around. Are you soak it. Hugs. I’ll take care of now.   Lady soak it. You all take care now. I will write more soon. 

Fear The Djinn update 3


hello, everyone. Well just a quick update on Fear the Djinn. Yesterday I was at 13, 627. Today I am at 15, 018. I have to be at 20, 000 by Sunday. So a little bit more. Another 5k. But I have the weekend to get there. I will try for more if I can. So expect another update on Sunday.



“To ruin someone’s day just transform them into something they dislike.”

Fear The Djinn update 2


Hello to everyone. Well remember 3 days ago I wanted 10kby the end of Sunday? Right now I am at 10, 016. So goal reached. Anything I am able to add on tomorrow will be over the top. So yay. My goal is reached. I will update tomorrow night as well. Take care all.



Fear The Djinn update


Hello to all of my Readers. This is a quick update on Fear the Djinn. For yesterday’s word goal I needed 3, 333 words. I got 3, 500 words when I stopped writing yesterday. Yay. That is over the word count. I am going to try for 10k by the end of the weekend. I need 6, 667 by the end of Sunday night. But if I re gs.



“Of course you can kill them. Just make it fun.”


muse in a iron cage under my desk or couch*. )Round house kicks my inner editor in the head and ties her in a trunk(.


I know, I Know I am mean to both my muse and my inner editor. But I promise to let my muse out for bathroom breaks and chocolate. My inner editor is staying in the damned trunk till December 5th. After I win I will let her out again. Idly wonders why both my inner editor and muse are both female. Ah, well. I am off to write some more. Will update word count for tonight later. Take Care all. Hut for right now I am adding in just the important details. Mainly so I don’t have to go back and revise much. I dislike revisions. I feel it drains away some of the really good stuff I put into the first draft. But for now I am just going to write my ass off and worry about revisions later. *Locks myally get to rockin’ then 10k or more could happen.


I hope you all are doing well. So far I have written two nice scenes and some filler. But not much filler yet. i am trying to keep the “Oh, shit thiswon’t be good” vibe up and running. So far am adding in just the bare bones of the scenes. That is a bit harder for me as I tend to want to describe both the location and what people look like and what they wear and eat. So trimming it down is a challenge for me. I want to add in all the little details that no one but me cares about. Bu

Fear The Djinn Nano 2017 project


Hello to all. This is just a quick update for my novel Fear the Djinn that i am doing for my November Nano project. So far I have done 1, 184 words yesterday. To make the 50k word count I need to do 1, 667 words a day to make that goal. So I am a little behind already. But I can catch up today. Here is a link to some more details about Fear The Djinn if you all are intrested. It is a horror/supernatural novel.




I am off to write more on it. Wish me luck. And remember to Fear The Djinn. Hugs to all.



off to write up some horror scenes once more…


P.S. I will post a sample of it soon so look for it.