what I am reading now


i am now finally getting to read A closet for a dragon and other early tales vy 


Allen l Wold.


i am  really looking     forward to   reading them all and  l


sick with a stomach virus since yesterday


I am very very sick with the stomach flu I have been projectile vomiting and sitting on the toilet for hours on end so long that my legs are going numb I took off work today and I’m taking off work tomorrow I can’t go on like this there’s no way trying to drink water and everything is just running through me try to drink 7-Up it runs through me now I’m trying a little bit of chicken broth and it’ll probably run through me too but I want to say hi to you guys and talk soon I hope take care until I write again Kim 

trying to do camp nano and can’t login it sucks I’ll try again tomorrow


   hello out there to all my readers. I’m trying to do campaign of this year and having trouble logging in so I can get started. So I thought I’d write you all a quick update so you know how things were going with me. What is going on as normal just trying to hang in there and pay all my bills. I hope you all are doing fine. I hope to write again soon. And I hope you all are doing well. Lots of hugs, Kim. 


I am trying to do camp nano this year. It is not letting letting me login. So I will try again tomorrow. Contest starts on the first anyway. And goes to the end of April.


thank you to all the people that gave me happy birthday wishes on January 11 of 2019 I’ve been going through some things currently in my life that I have to get straight but I want to thank you all for all the well wishes and I hope that you all have a good year this goes out to richard Talley Jen and all the other people that wrote me that I wasn’t able to reply to you fast enough yesterday please please please have a good year and I’m going to try to do the same I will try to post more here as I can much love to the readers in my phone 

much love brother tap to start dictation to finger double tap when finished I hate dictation much love to all my people that read my blog and my friends guys and girls know who you are I hope you have a good year and take care of yourself Kim, lady so good at live.com. I will try to post more often here this year than I have in the year previous hope you are will be ready to read some stuff


hey all. I’m here again. Just dictating this on my phone. I was not able to go to Mike on this weekend like I want to do. But I am still writing. I wanted you all to know I’m still around. Are you soak it. Hugs. I’ll take care of now.   Lady soak it. You all take care now. I will write more soon.