Finally Done with Nano project for July 2017!


Hello Gentle Readers. Well I finally finished the first part of my Nano project. I hit my 30k goal at nine p.m. tonight. Uploaded the file and won. Yay. Busts out the happy dance and does it wildly. yay me. You go Kim. This totally makes my July as I was way behind in mid July. Now it is done and I start revising my magnum opus Herne’s Amusements. Or as I like to call it the trilogy that never dies. chuckles.


Anyhow. Jamie and I have made it our goal to do 30k each month except for November when we will up it to 60k. Now just so you all know I have never hit 60k. So wish me luck in November. I have hit almost 53k in one of my early nano attempts. But we will see how it goes in November.


I think that 30k will be doable. And for the grammar critics out there do not diss doable. I know it is not a word. Still using it anyhow. Get over it.


Hugs to all my friends and to my writing buddies keep plugging along all. I know you can do it. I have faith in you. Also cookies are up for grabs.


Lady Soket aka Kim


off to rest now. Got to go to work tomorrow.