Two sites for work at home jobs for the disabled:

Website: http://www.nticentral.org/

Pearl Interactive LLC
Website:  http://www.pearlinter.org/

I am putting these links up in the hope that others with disablities will be able to find good, profitable jobs online that they can do from the comfort of their own home. If it helps at all please send me a message and let me know.
Lady Soket

Well I got laid off yesterday. It will


Well I got laid off yesterday. It will probably be for about two months. So I will be looking for a work form home position. I might as well find a job to keep me afloat while I draw my unemployment. I have located two jobs for the disabled so far. So all I have to do now is apply. I am hoping one of them will hire me so I don’t have to go back to my current job. I work at a place tthat I personally wouldn’t hire a blind monkey to work at. The hours are seven thrity am to four pm. They treat all the disabled there like retarded five year olds. They talk down to you like you don’t understand the English language. I told my husband that as soon as I got laid off again I was going to work online. So that is what I plan to do on Monday. Sighs. I am relieved to be away from that place. All of the crap they expect you to put up with is astounding. So I willapply to these two positions that I know of and we’ll just have to see. I really hope one of them hires me. I am going to do the best I can to see that they do. I hope my readers wish me luck and cross their fingers for me. I will be updating as I make more progress on the job hunt. Lady Soket



Blah Day It’s been a blah day all day today. I think I am going to bed early. I took the day off yesterday and slept some. I am really sick of that job. I hope they fire me soon so I can find a real one. Working at WSIFB is so soul draining. Sighs. Which is why I am looking for some kind of online job that I can do from home. I get to work this Friday. And all of this next week as well. So I’ll have 32 hours this week and 40 hours week after next. That will suit me just fine. I hope my Readers are doing well. I will be updating my novels or stories in progress soon as well. Have a good night all. Will write more soon Lady Soket