My Outcast State By Edward Mckeown Free at this weekend only!


He weekend. I will put it up here if you want it. I know the book is over 7 hours long.Just thought I would put up a quick note for you here on my wordpress blog.


Take care all.


Lady Soket,

“mess with your characters. They might hate you for it but your readers will love you for doing so.” ate. It is freee for everyone this weekend. It is only free this weekend. So grab your copy quickly. I urge you to support this fine sci-fi author. Ed is a really nice guy and has loads of free stuff on his website as well. So snap up your copy of My Outcast State this weekend and have a good read on me. Smiles. Ed-I will be reading and reviewing this book this Labor Daycast St and get a free e=-book of Edward Mckeown’s book My Outllo, Gentle Readers. I have a treat for you all. Go to


Starting Magic Happens


Hello all. Well I have been putting off writing Magic Happens. But yesterday I finally sstarted it. Poor Revlan Gray is going to have a lot of obstacles thrown at him. I have already started using drinks from the 18=920s in the first scene. His drink of choice is Tuxedo No. 2 by the way. And that is a real drink in case you all were wondering. I am going off to write more about him and what occurs to him next. I have no idea how long this story will be. But that is part of the fun of writing it. Revlan is a real character to me and I once again give Kudos to Allen Wold for helping in his early devlopment. This will be the most grounded in reality story I have written in years.


Jen Davis-will you please contact me. Either here or on twitter. Twitter link is :ladysoket. If not contact me here.


As a side note: FB hates me as usual so I am limited to responses. Happy Birthday to A.J. Hartley. I hope you have a great day and have some real fun.


Lady Soket,

“Throw things in your characters way. Then watch how they get out of it.”

This Giant Leap Update


Hello once more Gentle Readers. I have a quick update on Ed Schubert’s This Giant Leap reading/book signing. It is at this bookstore in Greensboro, N.C. on August 12 from 7-8 p.m. Here is the link to the bookstore:


I do hope you all can make it out and support Ed.Jamie and I will be there Ed. Looking forward to seeing you there. Smiles.

Lady Soket,

“Sometimes I actually surprise myself and do a good deed. I guess everyone has their off days”

(not intended to be a swipe at anyone. That is just the way Soket thinks.(

This Giant Leap


Hello all. This Giant Leap by Ed Schubert is coming in August. He has a signing/reading at 7-8 p.m. in Greensboro, N.C. I urge you all to come to the signing and reading. Jamie and I will be there. I will be buying a copy of his book to support his first new book of short stories in the last few years. I think if you like sci-fi or fantasy you will like Ed’s new book. Look up This Giant Leap on Facebook. I would add in the link here but FB hates me as usual.

Looking forward to seeing you in about two weeks Ed. Great work and am eager to read it.


Lady Soket,

“Words unread remain silent. Words read can expand your mind to new horizons and events.”