I have set a goal for myself of

I have set a goal for myself of June 20th to get this short story collection done. With a little luck that should be enough time. I am rapidly working away at it. Especially when I can’t sleep.

I can sometimes be a bit of an “up all night” person. My insomnia stems from several factors. Being laid off. Sleeping at odd hours. Eating at odd hours. And for those of you who did not know I am a type 2 diabetic as well. I am also blind and female and over 40 as well for those of you who did not know. I am an aspiring “grab bag” author. I write erotic fantasy/sci-fi/horror/whatever happens to hit my brain at the time. Smiles.


I am a dog lover and a horse fanatic. I read a lot of audio books due to my blindness and so promote activism for the blind or handicapped. I will be attempting to put up all of my stories as audio downloads for that very reason. For I know for a fact how hard it is to find let alone get your hands on good fiction/fantasy/sci-fi/horror. And don’t even get me started about The National Library Service for the Blind and Physically handicapped. Some of their staff is very helpful. Kudos go out to Clay,Liam,and Marlene. Some of the others there not so much. But that is the way it is sometimes.


I have been having a really hard time getting my screen reader to do what it needs to do on websites today. In particular http://nanowrimo.org/ While I personally like and love the contest the stupid screen reader will not allow me tolog in sometimes. I have put in for a new password like three times today. I follow the instructions and poof nothing at all happens except of course for the damned site telling me to long in again and again. So fuck that site for right now. I am sick and tired of trying to log in right now. Perhaps in a month or so I MIGHT try again. Or when it gets closer to November’s real 50k challenge. The Camp nano site worked just fine for the most part. Shrugs. Like I said the perils of demo screen readers. But I will just have to cope.



Please feel free to follow my blog or come back and visit me anytime. I love hearing from myReaders.Leave a Reply

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