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Waves to everyone. I finisooou up to this coming weekend?


Everyone take care and have fun writing.


lady soket,

“Time waits for no one. It pays to be a Goddess.”

uwho have friended me there. I know I have added in more than 30 people in the last two weeks. A special shout out to Chris Shrewsbury. Enjoyed talking to you so much. Drop me a comment here and I will reply. WordPress.com is my home away from home as I can upload posts to FB  and Twitter from here. I will write more soon. Ed Mckewon- So good to talk to you. It was a real pleasure to so nice to talk to another martial artist. I am still looking for a Aido teacher. I do hope to see you at the next con. Deep south con 55. Jen Davis-Lovely to talk to you as well. I want us to get together soon. What are y, really hate Facebook. I want to thank all of yn. I will keep you all updated on it.


I reallytime. I plan to have a regular drink for Revlan to enjoy. It should be a lot of furk and the fashions at the hed my nano for July. Got past my 40k word limit. Stories not finished yet but getting there. The big 50k event for nano is in November. You have to hit that mark or beyond to win.


I have now started the research for Magic Happens for the story about Revlan my magician set in 1920s New York. Many thanks to Allen Wold for the Plotting workshop this year that helped me flesh out the bare bones for this story. I will be doing more research this week to make the world he inhabits more believeable and real. I have already researched drinks and a little about the 1920s in New y


Star Trek Beyond and Ice Age collision Course


Well on Friday night Jamie and I went to see Ice Age Collision Course and Star Trek Beyond. We saw Ice Age Collision Course first at the nine forty five showing.

Scrat was up to his usual crazy antics. Manny and Elly experience seperation anxiety as Peaches and boyfirend prepare to leave home. Buck returns and saves the world with the gang’s help. Crash and Eddie do really dumb stuff as usual. Sid, Diego, and Granny rock as usual. Sid finds true love at last. All in all a very fun movie to watch and listen to.

Star Trek Beyond. I am a Trekkie. I have been for years. But J.J. Abrahams is ruining everything. Sighs. That having been said Star Trek Beyond had way too much alien speak for me. The villain was defeated too easily. The swarm/hive mind concept was intresting. Jamie loved that whole idea. But the sub titles grew bboring. As I can not see them they did me little good at all. I wish someone would come up with descriptive captions for the theater. Especially for those of us who are blind or visually impaired. The movie had the usual by play between jim, spock, and Mccoy. The added bonus of Uhura and Spok’s relationship problems was fun. I wish they had more scenes togethe. Scotty was fun as usual. The people being taken over by the swarm was fun to listen to. But all in all I liked Star Trek Into Darkness Better. Better storyline and plot. Star Trek Nemesis was an even better movie. “I was lonely.” chuckles. I tend to use movie quotes at work and no one gets them at all but they are still my own little private amusement. So new Ice Age a thumbs up. New Star Trek movie 2 on a scale of 1-10. Go and see them and judge for yourselves.

Lady Soket
“Darkness is your friend. I live there all the time.”

Happy Birthday Kahlan Amnell Rogers


Today is my eldest daughter’s birthday. So Happy Birthday Kahlan Amnell Rogers. You turn 13 today and officially enter the tenage years. I hope you get everything you want today sweetheart. July 24, 2003 will always be a special day for myself and your father. Hugs and well wishes.


Kim And Jamie Rogers

“Children teach you to appreciate the wonders of the world all over again. Through their eyes you experience things for the first time again.”



I am feeling really down today. I thought I had my nano project done last night. But I do not have it finished. Sighs.

I really just want to scream sometimes. I hate my job. I want more money. I have no real job skills. Without them I doubt very seriously I will ever get a really good paying job. I make under nine dollars and hour and I have been at my current job for over six years.


I guesss I am just tired. Tired of being told in essence “You have no job skills. We hired someone else. You are not fast enough to do this job. You could do half of this job but not the other half.” Bangs head on desk. I am totally fed up with being told I am not good enough/smart enough/well liked enough to do something I want to do. It is really making me grind my teeth in utter annoyance. I want to know why I am not good enough to land another job. Is it my blindness? My attitude? My loner personality? I really am beginning to want to stay home be a hermit and shop on amazon.com all the time for everything. I have no friends. I have no life. I have no real reason to care about anything at fucking all. I try and I try and I am still stuck. I can only hope that tomorrow will be a better day. I really doubt it though. Being positive is not working for me. I can feel myself going back into my depression. And it sucks. But I see little real need to be positive right now. Everything I try to do falls apart. So Fuck it all. I am going to watch something violent. At least movies keep me from tearing my hair out. I have another week at work to look forward to. I think I would rather stab myself in my remaining eye. Off to watch a movie.


Lady Soket,

“Kill everyone but me. Then it will be quiet and I can rest.”

Dark Desires update Nano 2016


Hello again Gentle Readers. It has been a few days since my last post. Dark Desires is coming along nicely. I have gone from 10, 153 words on Friday to a total of 25, 421 so far of my 40k goal. I am really whipping my word count goals ass. I wanted to have 24k by the end of tonight. I am very happy that I have blasted that total and am into day 19 of writing as of this post. As I will be off all of this coming weekend for Con-gregrate 3 Geek Summer Camp. It is going to be a blast. I am really, really looking forward to it this year. And next year will be even better as one of my all time favorite authors Barbra Hambly will be there as Author Guest of Honor. If you have never heard of Hambly look up Dragonsbane. Then read DragonShadow, Knight of the Demon Queen, and Dragonstar. I love the whole series. They are great fun reads that make you think about love, loyalty and ultimately what it means to be human and dealing with the choices we make.


Any way I wanted to update you all on Dark Desires. It is not turning out to be 30 stories in 30 days as I had first thought it was going to be. But that is ok. World on Fire is ripping right along. So far it is the most fun to write so far. I have a superhero story to write and a harem story for another friend. But I will get to those soon as well. For now I am making very nice progress and stopping to give myself a “You Rock, Kim. Keep it up.” And of course do the silly happy dance of meeting yet another word count goal. I am really having fun with this Nano project and who knows? World on Fire just might become a novel. That would be great. But I have so many characters in it that it will be intresting to see where it finally ends up.World on Fire is a story of conflict and twists between vampires and werewolves. They are fighting to save the last remaining humans alive after The Plague struck. It is an after the end of the world story. How do the humans survive both the werewolves and the vampires? Food is scarce for all. Water is limited. Animals are dying off by the score. And that is just at the start of the story. Hot sex scenes are provided for your enjoyment. Revenge will be a topic as well. Romance is in there as well.


And that is enough about Dark Desires for now.I will be posting on it more on the week of July 18. Catch you all then. I will also be reporting on the fun at Con-gregrate.


Lady Soket,

“Make people care about your characters. Then kill them off. It always surprises people.”


Dark Desires for Nano 2016


Ok all. I am officially announcing the start of Dark Desires my series of 30 short stories in the month of July. They will range all over the place from horror to fantasy to romance to science fiction. I will also be adding in an erotic story or two as well as some transformation stories. I hope to do well this year and have added a few ideas from some of my work buddies to write on as well. One friend wants a vampire/werewolf horror story. Another wants an erotic mystery/thriller/romance. One wants a superhero story. Another wants a story about why her boyfriend should be good to her. And there are a few other ideas running around in my head as well. So keep your sights on the blog. I will be posting a few of them up here for you all to read and comment on as well. My word count for this Nano is 40, 000 words. We will see if I make it. Off to write.Will update soon.


Lady Soket,

“Try to make your readers care about your characters. If you can do that you have them hooked.”