To Friends


To my friends- I know that I haven’t been writing to you all much. As most of you know I am blind and FB pretty much hates me. I can often only get on there once or twice a month. And now my e-mail is not letting me read much of it. So I am not ignoring you all. Just comp and my screen reader not liking each other as usual.

So this is an update. I am quitting my DnD game I started about a month ago now and also my long running Pathfinder group for a bit. I need to focus on my writing and I have been ignoring it for a while now. So I am going to focus on Circe’s Tales and another new project I am calling the Iron Keep Saga. Since most of my stuff is for adults there will be sex, Transformations, and horror/fantasy mixed in. I really enjoyed my nano this year which is why I am continueing Circe’s Tales. As for the Iron Keep it will be very adult oriented and not for children. But I have a long way to go on it and I hope to get that done by the end of the year. I will just have to see how it goes.

To Hilary-write on wordpress. I can generally access that. Which is why I use it so much to update stuff to FB and Twitter.

In other news: I am looking forward to going to Con-gregrate 2 in July. I am looking forward to sitting in on some panels and doing more stuff than last year. Jamie is looking forward to it as well. I encourage all you fantasy/sci-fi fans to go to Con-gregrate 2 in High Point, N.C. It will be held July 10-12. I Will add in a link today for you all.

Hey, Richard- You are Coming to Con-gregrate 2 right? I would like to see you there again. And I do hope that Allen will be there again. Smiles.

Lady Soket
“Off to write. Annoy at your own risk.”

Just kidding. I love to hear from you all even if I do not respond as quickly as you all would like.


Happy Memorial Day To All


Happy memorial Day everyone. I hope that you all are having a great day. We are just having a lazy day here and plan to have hamburgers for dinner later. I have started yet another new writing project. This one should be a lot of fun and I will keep you all updated on it’s progress. Wishing you all well and a safe and happy holiday.
Lady Soket
“Eat what you want today. If you can’t indulge yourself at least once a month why not do so?”