Con-gregrate 2014


Jamie and I went to the first Con-gregrate 2014 on July 11-13. We attended Allen Would’s Writers Workshop and did a first and second draft of our books first paragrahs. This was the first con that either of us had attended.

We gained a lot of information from the panelists and plan to put it to good use. We met some excellent writers including Diana Bastine and her sister Deborah Killeen. Both were gracious enough to allow us a signed copy of their books and I wanted to thank them both personally for their encouragement and good spirits as I am sure they were tired by the end of the con. Many, Many thanks to all of the panelists on Allen Would’s Workshop as well. I will be putting most of your words to use in my writing.Thanks to everyone who I spoke with and I hope you all had as much fun as we did.

Lady Soket

“Write. Read. Repeat.”