Camp Nano and DnD Now you would not think

Camp Nano and DnD


Now you would not think that Camp Nano and Dungeons and Dragons would relate in anyway.But in this case you relate. For The Idlewild Saga is going to be built around one of my dragonborn characters Karleon. She is who I will be writing about even though she is not going to be in a game until tomorrow’s session. She is shaping up to be a bad ass character. I think I will really enjoy playing a paladin blackguard with an acid breath weapon. She also has a very large sword which she will be using to kill things with. With all of her bonuses to damage and protective ablities she will be a blast to play. She is very “I am out for me.” as she doesn’t really relate well to others. Being a black dragon born doesn’t help either. Blacks are normally cunning and trickesters. She will be devious and well used to fending for herself as well. She willl be riding a night stallion instead of a nightmare. So picture a large woman with draconic features, and a large black horse with blazing red eyes galloping right towards an enemy. She pulls out her sword and in one strike takes the foe’s head cleanly from his shoulders and rides onward not stopping to see the body crumple to the earth.


It is going to be fun. As for Camp Nano I am currently at 2422 words so far and it’s day two. Jamie is beating me at almost 3,000 words. He hasn’t hit three thousand yet but he is closer than I am. So I gotta catch up and keep ahead of him so he has someting to strive for. So I will write more tomorrow.


Lady Soket

“To live is useful. If you have to die take out the enemy first. Then at least you have not died in vain.”


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