Life Before Facebook Mind the Gap Weekly writing Challenge

I hate to burst anyon’s bubble but there was an Internet before Facebook came into the world. I for one would like to see facebook disappear off the face of the planet. It is a total bitch to use with my screen reader and sometimes it takes me eighty minutes which is two of my screen reader’s sessions just to post one comment up there. I misss the good old days before facebook came on the scene. People actually chatted via Mirc or talked to each other on the phone or even played games via email. I hate all the games on facebook and all the dumb requests by friends to play them. Mostly all of my friends know I am blind. Why on earth would I want to play a browser based game that I can’t see? Quit sending me those stupid “play this game with me.” It does not work. And we won’t even get started with all the clutter on Facebook. All the pop up ads. All the links that don’t amount to shit but do annoy the hell out of me when I am trying to post a comment to something and have to go past all the crap even to post a comment. It is not a blind friendly site at all. Hell half the time it’s acting up so much I only go there once or twice a week. So scrouge of the Internet. Hell yes.


Go to Twitter or my favorite and get yourself a good blog or website. It’s free and after a little trial and error I learned it on my own. So yay for Twitter and A big fat “you suck die” to facebook.


As for the Internet it did in fact exist before facebook. It was more fun and interactive as well. People got on forums and chatted. People talked to each other not at each other as we do on Facebook and to a certain extent on Twitter. And way back in the seventies computers were big, hulking machines that took up a whole wall. Things have come a long way. But Facebook? Forget about it. I’ll use it sparingly if at all. For those of you that adore it I am sorry but you have no idea how much it truely sucks. But I am writing this from my wordpress blog and posting it to Facebook,Twitter,and wordpress all at the same time. I can remember a time before all social media existed and you would actually have to write individual emails to people. So this blog is more convenient for me. So I like it and make use of it. And I will continue to do so as long as wordpress exists. The people are nice and helpful here unlike on facebook. Big heartfelt hugs to my groups on Facebook. I am not maligning you all. I will continue to post to you all if sharding Facebook will let me.


Lady Soket

“Yes. I existed before the internet.It could poof and I will stilll behere.”



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