The Idlewild Saga Day 1 and 2 Well the

The Idlewild Saga Day 1 and 2





Well the start of Camp Nano was yesterday. I hit my goal of over 800 words a day. I did write 970 for yesterday. I am not sure where Karleon’s tale will head off to but I think that word count is a good start. I might post the first chapter up here when it is finished. Wonders idly if I can get away with a 1 page first chapter. Probably not. Damn. Sometime later today I am going to let Soket out for a breath of air. Be warned she is a Goddess and so has different views on life and the living. She is several eons old so I guess that shapes her outlook on things. Just wanted to give you all a heads up for those of you that haven’t met her. She can have quite a dark outlook on things and has no problem pushing people to their limits and beyond them into something new. You will see what I mean soon enough.


Lady Soket

“Living forever isn’t a bad thing. It simply means that you get to do the fun things more.”


One thought on “The Idlewild Saga Day 1 and 2 Well the

  1. Going to take Soket public, are you dear? Oh boy. Also, yes one page chapters are fine. Just as long as they are justifiable. However, if it’s going to be a CH 1? Perhaps that could be a Preface?

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