Dark Desires for Nano 2016


Ok all. I am officially announcing the start of Dark Desires my series of 30 short stories in the month of July. They will range all over the place from horror to fantasy to romance to science fiction. I will also be adding in an erotic story or two as well as some transformation stories. I hope to do well this year and have added a few ideas from some of my work buddies to write on as well. One friend wants a vampire/werewolf horror story. Another wants an erotic mystery/thriller/romance. One wants a superhero story. Another wants a story about why her boyfriend should be good to her. And there are a few other ideas running around in my head as well. So keep your sights on the blog. I will be posting a few of them up here for you all to read and comment on as well. My word count for this Nano is 40, 000 words. We will see if I make it. Off to write.Will update soon.


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Halloween 3rd edition Game At The Grinning Gamer in Greensboro,N.C.




Join me for Some Spooky Halloween Fun


I am hosting a 3rd edition DnD Game at The Grinning Gamer on October 31st. The event starts at 6 p. m. and runs until 12 a.m. This event is free to Grinning Gamer members. We are having this Ha and it is free to enter. Winners will recieve Grinning Gamer Certifactes to the store to purchase anything they want to with their gift certifactes.


I am sitting here laughing manically and rubbing my hands in glee as I come up with some fun things to have you all play against. I leave it up to your own imaginations to think about what is going to happen to your characters. There will be both encounters and puzzle/riddles to solve. So everyone sharpen up your blades and put on your thinking caps. It’s going to be a hell of a lot of fun.


Kim Robinson

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“All avowels of innocence will be ignored.” lloween game with a twist. All Gamers come in costume and play as what they come dressed up as. The costume coontest co

Camp Nano Done




Well as of today Camp Nano is done for me. I got to 52,336 as my final word count. Our cabin as a whole did well. I am quitting early this session as I am working on Several DND characters. One i have to have ready by Wensday night.


That game my character is going to level 21 so I have to come up with lots of extras for her. It will be fun to do. I am looking forward to working on it. Then I have to work on my back stories for my level two on Thursday night. That just started last night.


I am playing a black female dragonborn sorceror in that one and I alone survived an attack by three salamanders. All of the males died. But they all tried their damndest not to. I had to get them back to town to ressurrect their lifeless bodies. So we will see what happens when they wake up next session.


Then their is the 4th edition which is going to become 3rd edition tomorrow. Things are going to be fun in that one as well. I have got to work on Grok’s backstory as well. So lots of writing to do even without Camp Nano. I had better get to it. Take care Readers. I will update you all on my progress.


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Daily Prompt Earworm This Daily Prompt has been done


Daily Prompt Earworm


This Daily Prompt has been done before now. You write what you would normally write adding in a movie quote,song lyric, or anything else that’s stuck in your brain this week.



So lately I have been doing some DND tabletop gaming and really enjoying it immensely. It is nice to get back to it after an extended absence in my case over a decade here. Smiles. In spite of all that “All Nightmare Long” from Metallica has been running through my mind this week as unemployment has been a total pain in the ass to deal with. I finally got paid for two weeks ago now yesterday. So now I have to file my own claims via telephone or Internet and it is a real pain. The damned call in line keeps telling me that my employer has filed for me this week and I will not be able to file for myself. I am gettting pretty pissed off about the whole thing and it’s making me want to rip someone’s face off. I spent yesterday on the freaking phone for forty minutes on hold and no one picked up the line as I waited for someone to do so I can freaking find out what I need to do next about the damned unemployment. Sighs.



So I guess you could say I am “running around like a chicken with my head cut off” trying to sort all of this crap out. Thanks to the new governor of NC who has made a new law where your employer can’t file for you after June 29th 2013. So I am stuck doing it all myself and did not get informed of this fact until last week. Thank you sooo much WSIFB. Or as I currently call it “Hellworld.”


Now my contact there has not called me back yet today. So I am going to wait until one pm. Then I am calling her back every half hour until she either answers the freaking phone or I blow up her answering machine. I think she is avoiding everyone that got laid off. That number is at 52 by the way. And all of us are blind or visually impaired. They could have told us a few weeks ago this was going down. Instead they wait till after June ends to tell us. Their excuse”We did not know this was going to happen.” Bullshit. They work for the freaking government and I know the state would have given them a heads up. There is no excuse for this shit.


In other things I have been writing my Camp Nano project. Currently am at 13,213 words of 25k. I am thinking of upping my word count to 35k or 50k as everyone in my cabin has higher word count goals than I do. I hope to hit 15k and beyond today. That’s all for right now G.R.s. Take care of yourselves and try and have a good rest of the day and “Here’s looking at you,kid.” FFrom Casablanca. Only line I remember from the whole movie.


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2013July Camp NanoWrimo Session   I have decided on my


2013July Camp NanoWrimo Session




I have decided on my Camp Nano project forJuly. It’s going to be 25k words and an adventure journal. I have not decided on the character’s name although I know she will be female. She might be of another race as it is a fantasy novel. I simply love doing those.


I thought I would give myself a little break from the 30k limit I set myself in April. I might write over the 25k limit I have set myself or not. Only time will tell. I requested some campers already and this time I hope I get them. Still have to wait and see on that issue. I hope we get some more active campers this go round. We had three that did not even bother to write anything at all. Very disappointing I must say.


Mainly though I have cut down my word count as I want to help Jamie with his game. I plan to work insome little bits for his world building that he is doing. Hopefully some of it will be of help.


Other than that I am working on some writing and hoping to have a string of stories for you all to read as July progresses. Again it’s just a matter of waiting for Monday as far as Camp Nano goes. Who else is ready to romp, stomp your word count flat and have a blast? I know I am. I also will proudly admit to being a “pantser” one who does not plan out a novel as compared to a “planner” one who outlines and then writes. Sometimes this gets me jammed up and sometimes it really is freeing. I just let my fingers go and see what comes out on the screen. It might take me a little longer to write stuff up but I don’t mind that usually unless my msworks eats my novel. It actually did that at the start of April’s session. But crap happens we pick ourselves up and go onward. So get those fingers limbered up and get to writing. And don’t give up. You all can do this. I have great faith in us all. and Go Team Pantser on Twitter. Smiles.


Lady Soket

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Gaming Night Session 2   In which I play Criket


Gaming Night Session 2




In which I play Criket the noisy halflingsorcerer. Tonight was a lot more fun than the session two weeks ago. I suppose as I go along 4th edition combat rules and actions will get easier to understand and translate. I am looking forward to making up my blackguard paladin though. I have to flesh out her background a bit more but it should be easily to do once I get all of her stats and powers down. It will be more fun to play an orginal character that I have created than a pre generated character that someone else has created. But I won’t get to play her until the DM approves her. So I have to do some reading and choose powers,feats,skills,encounter powers,at will powers,etc. It will take some doing but will be more fun in the fun. The group seemed to relax a little bit more around us as the newbies to the group and as time goes on and we go more regularly that should be the case. They are still more combat oriented than I like but I ammore of a “storyteller” than a “hack and slash” DM myself. We will see how it all plays out. We are thinking of going to another group as well and even starting up a 2nd edition DND game on Saturdays from five pm. to nine pm. We will have to seee if we get some more players.


And that’s not counting Camp Nano that is starting again in four days. I still have to come up with some good ideas for that as well. I am going to try to be in that this month coming up as well. Still waiting to hear back on some job apps as well. So another full and busy week from today Thursday June 27th onward. Things have passed so quickly today that I forgot to even wish my MoM a happy birthday yesterday. She would have been 62 if she was still alive. Love you Mom. Hope you are doing well wherever you are.


With that said signing off for now gentle Readers.

Lady Soket

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This is Dark Moon part 3. This if


This is Dark Moon part 3. This if the final transformationscene. I hope you enjoy it. I will be putting up parts 1 and 2 as I get them edited. Enjoy.




Dark Moon Part 3
By Kim Robinson

You can not believe this is happening. You are talking to a dragon. A dragon for God’s sake. It is simply too much. Your mind reels as you attempt to rise to your feet once more. You need a doctor. Any doctor will do. This is utterly impossible. You know it. And It knows it too. You roll your head so you can look at the huge, shadowy form from out of your left eye. It is still there. “Impossible.” You mutter to yourself. Why couldn’t you have been accosted by a poodle? Those you can simply yell at and they will go away. Why a dragon? What unlucky star had you been born under to deserve such a fate? You ponder this looking up at the huge form.

“A very lucky one, little mortal man.” The dragon’s voice is low and cryptic. You sense a sadness about it as if it was musing quietly to itself and was not aware of having spoken aloud to you. That is odd and makes you pause from your attempt to rise. What was it about the beast that made it seem so lost? You shake your head in denial. Not your problem you remind yourself firmly. Your only job is to get the hell out of here, back to your car, and floor it. Not to stand there and wonder why the dragon is sad. You really must be losing it. You stagger to your feet and lurch sideways. Your legs fail you once more and you drop painfully to your knees in the leaves and soft dirt. Shaking you look upwards at the dragon. “Well. Get it over with.” You girt out clenching your teeth.

“Get it over with? My dear mangling I have not even begun to have fun.” The dragon looks over at you. “It is nice to have a fresh view of things. It makes it so much more entertaining.” It gives out a large snort. White vapors start to fill the clearing.

What was it up to now? You look around worriedly. Tendrils of misty fog seem to stretch all around you. Why could it not be happy simply talking to you? Why all of this special effects stuff? Warily you raise a hand and bat some of the tendrils away. They cling to your fingertips and then dissipate. Odd. And very cold. You look at your hand and gasp in horror. The back of your hand is growing scales. “No. This can not be happening. Not to me.” You grasp your left hand with your right hand and notice that it too is gradually growing scales. You stare at your hands transfixed. Why does it want to make you a beast like itself? Is this some cruel jest? You turn your head and stare accusingly at the black dragon. “This is all your fault.” You state the truth flatly.

“Yes. Yes it is. And for this wondrous gift I get anger and wrath. So be it. I can deal with both.” It closes it’s left eye and winks at you slowly enjoying it’s own private jest.

You groan and put your head in your hands. It is then that you feel the budding horns rising out of your short hair. As you touch them they grow even longer and spiral upwards. They grow sharp and serrated at the tips. And your forehead bulges outward and your eyes grow larger. Your eyelashes recede as do your eyebrows. Your skin begins to darken. First to a dull charcoal gray then to a dark, matte black and then finally to a shiny jet black. You stare at the new shining scales in horror. You hit one of them. It gives back a clear, chiming bell like tone. It is hard to the touch and slightly flexible. Like chain mail

You scream out in pain as your shoulder blades form into long thin wings. They are roughly two thirds of your emerging bodily length. Your spine flexes and becomes more supple. It stretches and bends as your ribcage expands. Your pelvic bones shift and get heavier and larger. You groan as you feel them expand and close your large violet eyes. Your shaft and sac get longer and heavier as well. You groan in pleasure as this happens. At least the dragon is not unmanning you as it changes you. That is a relief. Your feet burst out of your hiking  sneakers and they fall in tatters to the soft ground. Your legs bulge and ripple like water as they change and outgrow your snug pants. The loud ripping sound they make sounds just like the rip cord on a deploying parachute to your now keen hearing. Your ears migrate to the sides of your head and become both fluted and shell like. They are now flat to your head and you are shocked to be able to hear even the smallest bugs beneath your massive body scurrying about. You flap your wet wings slowly. Your belly grows larger and the skin taunt over the rest of your massive frame. You look at your forelimbs and then swivel your head around to watch in bemusement as your tail emerges from behind yourself and curls like a cat’s around your forelimbs. The spiked spines all along your backbone glitter like diamond shards. You rustle them lightly and listen to them chime softly together. You dig your talons into the soft dirt reflexively. You slit your violet eyes and look at the other dragon lying across from you. “And now I suppose you will show me how much fun it is to be a dragon?” you ask eyeing the other dragon.

“As you have not died from the transformation yes. I can show you many things.” The dragon rose and shook itself all over like a cat shedding water. “If you choose to follow me.” It looked at you coolly. “I expect obedience. I will trust you until you betray me. Then all bets are off. Agreed?” It looks at you amused. “By the way my name is Berylstanstyx. And I am female. Not male.” She spread her glorious wings and lightly lifted off of the ground. She spiraled up into the ebony sky drifting light as a feather across the full moon.

You watch her go. “What the hell? What have I got to lose? It might even be fun.” You flap your wings ungracefully and launch yourself skyward. The immense power that you feel as you take to the sky is glorious. You never want this feeling to end. So what if it is a curse? You can live with it. You narrow your violet eyes and pursue your new teacher. Time to learn new things. To be something new. To let go of your past and all the pain that goes along with it. You open your mouth and give out a full throated roar of enjoyment. Time to be a dragon.