Dark Desires for Nano 2016


Ok all. I am officially announcing the start of Dark Desires my series of 30 short stories in the month of July. They will range all over the place from horror to fantasy to romance to science fiction. I will also be adding in an erotic story or two as well as some transformation stories. I hope to do well this year and have added a few ideas from some of my work buddies to write on as well. One friend wants a vampire/werewolf horror story. Another wants an erotic mystery/thriller/romance. One wants a superhero story. Another wants a story about why her boyfriend should be good to her. And there are a few other ideas running around in my head as well. So keep your sights on the blog. I will be posting a few of them up here for you all to read and comment on as well. My word count for this Nano is 40, 000 words. We will see if I make it. Off to write.Will update soon.


Lady Soket,

“Try to make your readers care about your characters. If you can do that you have them hooked.”