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Today’s Post More Writing Tips  1. Stop thinking


Today’s Post More Writing Tips  

1. Stop thinking of other things to do other than write. Bang the boyfriend while high up on my to do list should not keep you from writing unless you became fully merged with him. While this is an entertaining thought and by all means use it I personally don’t think it would be as much fun as it orginally sounds. In other words if it is something that can be put off until tomorrow i.e. laundry,dishes,bedmaking then let it lie until tomorrow. 2. Ask yourself the most important question of all.”Why?” is my most important question to ask. Why does the female main lead kill all the men she sleeps with? Why do all of your main leads dress in black? Why does your main male lead never sleep for more than ten minutes at a time? Why does your main bad guy choose to torment gerbils in his spare time? Ok I will admit I have never used that last one. But you all see what I mean. WHY is very important. At least to me.

3. Describe places in detail. It will let your readers see all of your places with you. Use sight,sound,taste,smell,and touch. Use colors. By this I don’t mean just “The sky was blue.” I mean something like this. “The sky was a deep denim blue sprinkled with thousands of shimmering stars.” See the difference? Sit in the chair and write. Don’t let your ass get up until you have written at least one chapter. Make it at least five thousand words. And don’t roll your eyes at me and complain,”But that is too hard.” I can do it and I use a screen reader with text to speech and am totally blind to boot.

5.There are no bad writers. So your family told you you can’t write. That you would never be published. That your grammar sucked. Ignore all of this bullshit and write. Someone out there wants to read your writing. Get it out there and get it noticed. Hell you don’t even need a traditional publisher anymore because you canself publish with Kendall Direct Publishing or . And yes before you ask all of the aforementioned did occur with my own family. But I don’t let that stop me. I plan to bring out a book of short stories soon.


6. Always challenge yourself with new subject matter. By this I mean go outside your comfort zone. Write mainly horror? Try a paranormal romance. Write Fantasy? Try erotic stories. Write sci-fi? Try writing a western or a crime drama. If you write short stories try your hand at a novel or even make up your own fantasy world for your characters to explore and play around in.

7.And finally for Goddess’s Sake HAVE FUN. Make up some silly or crazy characters up and let them run around in your story. Just don’t let them eat all of your chocolate. Wicked Grin. Until next time my lovelies. Lady Soket “No.Get back in your box. I will write about you tomorrow.”