Paying Back Social Security Overpayment Help mE!


Hello everyone. Well I am at my wit’s end. Social Security is saying I owe them an overpayment of 18k dollars. They are attempting to cut both my own benefits of 813.00 dollars to 500.00 dollars a month only. This will pay rent but not anything else. And all because I called to find out if my checks were going into the same bank account. Ugh. So now they want to cut my mother’s benefits as well from 814.00 dollars to 297.00 a month. Here in Winston-Salem, N.C. that will not cover utilities, or food and transportation to and from work.


So I have started up a gofundme for donations to help me out. The link says Rainbow Bridge Apartments for the Homeless but I can’t get the stupid thing to change the title Which should read Social Security Overpayment Help me . Please help me anyway. I need the support. I have no way at all to pay this huge sum back. I will be cut to this lower amount soon. So any donations would help out immensely. Thank you all so much for your support and help with this emergency matter. Here is the link to use: GoFundMe – Dashboard

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Paying Back Social Security Help me
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Thank you all so much for all of your help and support. I am filled with gratitude and love for all that you help me accomplish.


Kim Robinson



Life and Resolutions


Well I have been thinking about a lot of things. I am planning to write more and publish this year. I am also planning to lose some weight and get to feeling better. I am also working on a side project to make some money as well. I will be making some jewelry to sell for a modest price.


I really want to work on my negative attitude and have brought some stones and crystals to help me cope with all the negative energy at work and in general. I have already showed some improvement there. But will continue to improve as time goes on. I do plan to write up some stories andput them up on Amazon. So will be writing up some short stories to sell. And am looking into other venues other than Amazon to sell things on. Am thinking of putting up a link on my wordpress blog here to sell some stuff. What do you all think?


Am doing well genereally and so is Jamie. Been kicking back and taking it easy during the holidays and enjoying being together. Taking a more positve approach to the New Year in 2016 and hoping that all of my Readers are as well. I hope that all of you are happy and having a wonderful end to your year.


Happy late Christmas Greetings to Jaxom Alexander Rogers, Aldamara Kaylee Rogers, and to Kahlan Amnell Rogers all the way in Ok. Jamie and I wish you all good and happy New Year’s wishes and we hope you have wonderful times in the year to come.


Lady Soket

“Remember what you put out returns to you.”