Fear The Djinn update 3


hello, everyone. Well just a quick update on Fear the Djinn. Yesterday I was at 13, 627. Today I am at 15, 018. I have to be at 20, 000 by Sunday. So a little bit more. Another 5k. But I have the weekend to get there. I will try for more if I can. So expect another update on Sunday.



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Fear The Djinn update 2


Hello to everyone. Well remember 3 days ago I wanted 10kby the end of Sunday? Right now I am at 10, 016. So goal reached. Anything I am able to add on tomorrow will be over the top. So yay. My goal is reached. I will update tomorrow night as well. Take care all.



Fear The Djinn update


Hello to all of my Readers. This is a quick update on Fear the Djinn. For yesterday’s word goal I needed 3, 333 words. I got 3, 500 words when I stopped writing yesterday. Yay. That is over the word count. I am going to try for 10k by the end of the weekend. I need 6, 667 by the end of Sunday night. But if I re gs.



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muse in a iron cage under my desk or couch*. )Round house kicks my inner editor in the head and ties her in a trunk(.


I know, I Know I am mean to both my muse and my inner editor. But I promise to let my muse out for bathroom breaks and chocolate. My inner editor is staying in the damned trunk till December 5th. After I win I will let her out again. Idly wonders why both my inner editor and muse are both female. Ah, well. I am off to write some more. Will update word count for tonight later. Take Care all. Hut for right now I am adding in just the important details. Mainly so I don’t have to go back and revise much. I dislike revisions. I feel it drains away some of the really good stuff I put into the first draft. But for now I am just going to write my ass off and worry about revisions later. *Locks myally get to rockin’ then 10k or more could happen.


I hope you all are doing well. So far I have written two nice scenes and some filler. But not much filler yet. i am trying to keep the “Oh, shit thiswon’t be good” vibe up and running. So far am adding in just the bare bones of the scenes. That is a bit harder for me as I tend to want to describe both the location and what people look like and what they wear and eat. So trimming it down is a challenge for me. I want to add in all the little details that no one but me cares about. Bu

Fear The Djinn Nano 2017 project


Hello to all. This is just a quick update for my novel Fear the Djinn that i am doing for my November Nano project. So far I have done 1, 184 words yesterday. To make the 50k word count I need to do 1, 667 words a day to make that goal. So I am a little behind already. But I can catch up today. Here is a link to some more details about Fear The Djinn if you all are intrested. It is a horror/supernatural novel.




I am off to write more on it. Wish me luck. And remember to Fear The Djinn. Hugs to all.



off to write up some horror scenes once more…


P.S. I will post a sample of it soon so look for it.

This Giant Leap


Hello all. This Giant Leap by Ed Schubert is coming in August. He has a signing/reading at 7-8 p.m. in Greensboro, N.C. I urge you all to come to the signing and reading. Jamie and I will be there. I will be buying a copy of his book to support his first new book of short stories in the last few years. I think if you like sci-fi or fantasy you will like Ed’s new book. Look up This Giant Leap on Facebook. I would add in the link here but FB hates me as usual.

Looking forward to seeing you in about two weeks Ed. Great work and am eager to read it.


Lady Soket,

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Dark Desires for Nano 2016


Ok all. I am officially announcing the start of Dark Desires my series of 30 short stories in the month of July. They will range all over the place from horror to fantasy to romance to science fiction. I will also be adding in an erotic story or two as well as some transformation stories. I hope to do well this year and have added a few ideas from some of my work buddies to write on as well. One friend wants a vampire/werewolf horror story. Another wants an erotic mystery/thriller/romance. One wants a superhero story. Another wants a story about why her boyfriend should be good to her. And there are a few other ideas running around in my head as well. So keep your sights on the blog. I will be posting a few of them up here for you all to read and comment on as well. My word count for this Nano is 40, 000 words. We will see if I make it. Off to write.Will update soon.


Lady Soket,

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