Life and Fear The Djinn

Hello my Readers. A quick update on my life. We found an apartment here in Winston-Salem. It is cheaper than the house we were renting. But we will be scraping by until I pay off my work loan. Money will be tight. Jamie will be looking for a job now that we are finally moved this week. His mom is down for a few days. So we are borrowing her truck to move a few things. We now have internet for this month through Spectrum. I miss my Uverse a lot. Better connection and more speed. Sighs. But other than that it is getting used to a much smaller space. And the loud neighbors. Ugh. But I will adapt. So yay for not having to move away and keeping my job.


In other news. My Nano project will be a novel called Fear The Djinn. It will be as dark and horrible as I can make it. I will be starting it on this coming Wensday. It will feature mature scenes and graphic violence as well. Blood will be spilled. Who will survive after meeting the evil Djinn? Only if you read the finished book will you know.


Kim Robinson aka Lady Soket-

Online for the November 50k Nano project once again.


I have missed you all. Watch this space for upcoming updates. Hugs.


Please feel free to follow my blog or come back and visit me anytime. I love hearing from myReaders.Leave a Reply

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