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Hello to all my followers. Due to issues with Social Security which I have mentioned in previous posts on this blog I will be homeless as of today. This is due to the fact That the Social Security Administration does not adhere to their own guidelines that they set themselves. I am going from about 1627 from them to 813 as of October 3rd. This does not enable me to pay my last month’s rent here of 650 a month and survive here. Therefore I am going to lose my job which I have worked at for over 8 years now as of this September. AS of this writing I now have to pawn stuff in order to move. I am going to talk to Social Security on Monday. I am going to ask for a critical payment for the rest of my money for this month. But that is up to their discretion. The last time I asked for one they cut me a check and then took all of my Social Security check four months later which made me homeless. This was years ago. But I am certain it will happen again. That is how they operate. All of this came about because I called the eight hundred line and asked if both of my benefit checks were going into the same bank account. The man I talked to on the eight hundred line did not give his name or identification number. I told him that all of my bank account info was there. And I wanted to make sure that the checks were going into the right account. He confirmed that they were. Then the next day I got a letter saying I owed a back payment of 2100 dollars in an overpayment. Then the next Tuesday after that I got another letter saying I had an overpayment of 18000 dollars. They are taking my mother’s survivors benefits from 814 down to 297 a month. My own benefits are going from 813 down to 516 a month. I also have a loan from my job that I am paying back. I owe them 500 dollars. I have paid some of it back already but still have over a month to go on it. So today will be my last post. Due to all of the problems I am having I feel it necessary to go offline now. I do not know when or if I will return. I put up a gofundme account to try and get others to help out due to the desperate straits I am in. But now I cannot wait for that help anymore. I have to move somewhere. I have no idea of where.  Everything I have worked my ass off for is now completely past the point of recovery. I am in serious debt with my car and credit card bills. I have been diligently searching for a place to stay in Winston-Salem, N.C. that would allow me to continue working and remain paying down all of my bills and credit. But no one has replied to my e-mails or phone calls in finding another place to stay here. So what else can I do? I will attempt to inform you all of what occurs on Monday. I fear the news will not be good. I need money and lots of it fast. Social security does not give a damn if I am homeless or not. They don’t have to endure this. Why sshould they care about me? Even though Social Security is in place so that people can get a place to stay and survive. Or at least that is what they used to be for. I have to go sell stuff now. I will update on Monday I hope. Take care all. Hugs to all.

Kim Robinson aka Lady Soket

signing off for now…


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