Moonlight and Magic is my Nano project for 2017

Hello, Gentle Readers. Well… it’s that time again. No. I am not referring to dying my hair again. Its time for the July Nano 2017 project once more. This time around my project is called Moonlight and Magic. It will be erotic short stories this time around. This set of stories will deal with moonlight and magic as well as what happens to thepeople involved. Anthros will be included in this month’s set of stories. Mature themes and violent scenes will be included as well. No one under the age of 21 should read these stories.


I think this set of stories will be fun to write. I will worryover editing them in August once Nano is finished.So starting tomorrow writing, writing, and more writing.


On the horizon is Con-gregrate 2017. As usual I am totally looking forward to Allen L. Wold’s Writing Workshop at the con. For those of you that don’t know Allen is a really nice guy and his workshop is loads of fun. Come on out to the Marriot In High Point, N.C. and join us for a weekend full of fun from July 14-16. This is the fourth time I and Jamie are going. We have gone since the beginning and we truly love to interact with all the writers and panelists and fun cos play people as well. They have a fun dealers room where you can buy books, jewelry, and other neat stuff. To much fun for me all to list it here. Barbra Hambly who wrote Dragonsbane will be there. I am looking forward to meeting her. She has been a favorite author of mine for many years now. The four books of Dragonsbane, Dragon Shadow, Knight of a Demon QQueen, and Dragonstar are all worth the price of the book or e- book. Pick them up and devour them all. I loved them all. An excellent and fun science fiction and fantasy quartet.


As always looking forward to seeing Allen and Darcy, Jen Davis, Darrin and Chris Kennedy and John Hartness. (Mainly because John is crazy but that is another story. J/k John.).


Oh, I am doing another 30k for this nano project. More if the time permits. You all take care and have a nice weekend. I will be updating and writing more as time permits and posting updates here when I need to take a break from my insane writing.Later all.Hugs.


Kim Robinson aka Lady Soket

“Try and play nice with others. It confuses them. If you can’t play nice bury the bodies deep.”


Please feel free to follow my blog or come back and visit me anytime. I love hearing from myReaders.Leave a Reply

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