Magic Happens for Nano 2017 is a go!

Hello, Gentel Readers. It has been a while since I have bothered to post and update here. So here goes. magic Happens is now an official 2017 goal for my April Nano project. It will be a series of short stories about magic and what happens when it is used and abused. It is put in the fantasy category. I plan to have a goal of 30, 000 words as a base goal. I can go higher if I need or want to. I have until April 20th to update or change my word goal as needed. I have set up a private cabin as well as I think the cabins are getting way too big at up to 19 members as a whole. Personally I don’t do well in that large of a group. So I set my cabin to private. I plan to send out invites soon. Simon If you read this e-mail me please as I would love to have you in my cabin this year. It has been ages since the first camp nano we did together and I know Jamie would not object to seeing you hang out with us once more. Anyone else that wants an invite drop me a line. Space will be limited to ten spots only.


Still plugging away at Dark World as well. But Magic Happens will take priority as I want it done by my Con in July. So Things are going to pick up here and I am going to blast this April nano as hard as I can. I want it done in april, and rivised and edited by June. You all think that is too ambitious of me? Magic Happens will be fun as I explore the use and abuse of magic and what happens after that. I will most likely post some excerpts up here to whet your appitite for the whole book. So keep your eyes peeled and give me some honest feedback please.


If you want to join the cabin e-mail me at : And let’s rock Nano 2017 people! Looking forward to those requests to hit my inbox.Have a great day and happy writing to all of my writing buddies.


Kim aka Lady Soket,

“Remember your characters are like children. They get into and out of trouble with your help.”


Please feel free to follow my blog or come back and visit me anytime. I love hearing from myReaders.Leave a Reply

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