Early New Years Resolutions

Ok, all. I just got off a call this afternoon on how to get more coaching clients and how to keep them. So I am going to write down a few things here just in case my computer goes crazy and gets the blue screen of death soon.


  1. What are your financial gols for the coming year? I think making 50k for the year coaching clients would be very nice indeed.
  2. 2. What are your personal problems that you have to over come in order to do this? For myself I think it is a lack of self confidence coupled with low self esteem. I really need to put myself and my offers out there in order to get clients and get noticed. I also have a fear of failure and even if I am totally honest here a fear of success to deal with as well.
  3. 3. To open up my healing gifts and use them to help others. I want to open up healing with crystals and get people to use them for their own well being and happiness. If I can help people to feel better about themselves they will then move forward in their lives feeling more calm and at peace with themselves. The ultimate goal here is to help people heal old hurts and inner wounds and let go of all the negative feelings and energies they are holding onto so they can release the negative and focus on the positive feelings.

4. To work on my own negative feelings and emotions so that I can be more positiveand helpful to my clients.

5. To lose some weight this year. I have to get up and moving this year in order to make this happen.

6. Get exercise equiptment and use it.

7. Learn more computer skills and write more books.

9. Read more self help books to balance out the negative things in my life.

10. Give out more love, compassion, and caring to others.

11. Be more productive. Learn to turn anger and stress to more productive outlets such as writing or medatation to regain clear thoughts and feelings.

12. And the most important resolution of all. Be Yourself. Do not let others dictate your life for you. Be present and mindful of your choices.


I still have a lot of work to do on all of these. But I will enjoy the challenge of doing them all in the coming year. I have even thought of joining a writing competition to start the new year off right. I just might jump in with both feet and give it a shot. Who knows? I might even be co-authoring a book with James Patterson by this next summer. And the 5k prize money would be nice too.


Kim Robinson,

“Dream big. Then go for them all.”and self confident.


Please feel free to follow my blog or come back and visit me anytime. I love hearing from myReaders.Leave a Reply

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