A taste of Dark World

Ok all. here is a little piece of my Dark World universe to wet your appitite for more. Smiles.


Dark World 13

The Lost Kingdoms are located in the central North Lands and the far South Lands. Dragar’s Keep is located in the central North Lands. This Keep is made of black basalt and has Iron towers on all four points of the keep. Dragar was a barbarian King who was a red dragon in disguise. His army the Daggers was known far and wide for taking prisoners and treating them foully. Many were killed in games and the women were kept as slaves. The men were put into the Army as cannon fodder as Dragar attempted to extend his land holdings. He ruthlessly attacked the cities just to the north and east of his holdings. In dragon form he razed the important buildings to the ground levels. Then he alighted and told the remaining people that they belonged to him now. Thus Valnor and Illenwild became part of his holdings. For many years the illenwilders resisted as best they could. But two years of drought and famine left them with no choice but to join Dragar. Valor was quick to submit as they were a small sea side kingdom. They knew little of war and were conquered easily. Dragar and his Daggers are still looking for other small kingdoms to over throw.

The Keep has many rooms and feast halls. They also have many fine dungeons and torture rooms as well. Dragar’s wives are kept seperate from the brutality. They are not aware that the torture is ongoing and quite easily seen. They prefer to keep themselves away from all the blood and gore. Dragar is disgusted with them but has yet to find a more blood thirsty female to replace them with. If he does he will take great delight in torturing them to death. Save for Kamala who is his favorite wife.

In the Southlands The Flame Kingdoms appear and disappear at will. It takes special magic and a lodestone to find your way to them. It takes a spell to hold them in place and this spell drains the mage or wizards’s life forrce to hold it in place. As this happens the soul of the wizard or mage becomes corrupted and attempts to cause harm to the leader of the party or vessel. Only a more powerful mage or wizard can contain the corrupted mage or wizard. A mage or wizard of 30th level or higher is needed. There isa fifty fifty chance that the wizard or mage will be corrupted in turn and returned to the sea to be a merman.

All the lost souls either become mermen or mermaids. The Sirens of legend were formedthis way. Souls can be returned to human form at great cost to the crew or captain of a vessel. Most returned to human form recall only misty memories of being a merman or mermaid. There is a twenty five precent chance that the returned human will suicide.


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