Spiders suck!

Welll I was at work about a week and a half ago as usual. A small spider crawled up my leg and bit me right at the crease of my butt and where my leg meets to bend. I get bit by lots of things at work. flies, fleas, and other things. They never fumigate that building.

Anyhow I got bit by the spider. I don’t know what kind it was. For two days nothing bad happened. Then on Saturday I got the chills. And a big lump popped up on my leg. It was larger than my hand. I was somewhat concerned about it. So the folllowing Tuesday I went to see a doctor about it. He gave me a pain shot and squeezed the hell out of the lump to make it go down. It got softer and went down to about half its former size. Then yesterday I pulled a piece of skin off of the bite. It didn’t hurt or bleed much. But now I have about an inch and a half hole in my leg. It is not closing up at all. And Jamie says it is still black with venom inside of it. So guess who gets to go back to the doctor on Tuesday? Me. I can only hope he can fix this disaster of a spider bite once and for all. The antibotics are healing the skin but the bite is still there and apparently still filled with venom. The doctor said that the bite had abcessed when I saw him the first time. I wonder what he will say about the hole in my leg on Tuesday. I will keep you all updated on this issue.


Take care of yourselves.


Lady Soket


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