10 Days until Nano ends for 2016

Greetings, Gentle Readers. Well my Nano project Dark World has not gone as planned this Nano. We were moving until the 12th of November. But finally got that done. Then we had a few problems with the house to fix. Sighs. Oh, and did I mention it we have inside stairs. Seven to go down into the basement and six to go upstairs. Now when we rented the house I thought to myself, “Great. I will make myself exercise even if I don’t want to.” Which in theory sounds good right? Wrong. Way, way wrong. My legs have been cramping and charlie horsing at least three times a week since we moved in. Deep sigh. So my body hates me. The other day I could not go into work because my right leg charlie horsed so bad that I nearly fell a couple of times just attempting to go to the bathroom. I had to call work and tell them I was not going to be able to come in. So that was not fun.


Back to Nano and Dark World. So far I have a grand total of 2,409 words so far. S Soket,

“Stories unfold at their own pace. Words will come. Remember to write it all down if you can.”


o that literally means I have to do at least 5k from today on to finish on time. I can do it but damn. I cheer myself up with the thought that the first Nano I ever did I started two weeks late and finished up with a word count of 51,151 my first time out. So that handicap is not too far from this Nano. I will get that 50k. Will update you all soon.




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