Dark World is Coming Soon!

Two days until Nano starts in all its glory and furious writing. I am excited to start a new project and really get a jump on fleshing out a whole game world and what happens within it. I have decided to mmake this a diceless game. I will make it out into books so that all information wwill be right at the gamer’s fingertips. I would also like to do an e-book of this as well. I am sure that both a hhardcover and an e-book would do well. I ttthink I will add in short stories at the beginning of each chapter as well. To give a little life to the major characters encountered and for a little variety as well.


In other news: We are fixing to move this week into a nice house that we are starting to talk about buying. I am really excited by this as I have never had a permanent plapplace to call mine. I am looking forward to decorating it and getting new furniture. So if no one hears much from me this week it is because of moving into the new house. I would jump up and down with excited glee but for those of you that know me you also know I would never be caught dead doing that. Only in the privacy of my own room thanks. Smile. So lots of stuff this week. Nano starting and moving too. I will be posting an update on both this weekend.


Lady Soket,

“Believe in youyourself. Take Risks. Live life to the fullest.”


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