New Apple Computer

Well I just got a new Apple computer. I haven’t had it for two weeks yet. Just unboxed it about two days ago and it is worlds different than my Windows machine. I am having to use my old Windows 7 pc to look up tutorials on how to use the new Apple. It most definetly has a learning curve to it. I suspect it will take me several months to learn the ins and outs of the new Apple.

Just for those of you that know me I have been wanting an Apple for years now. Because Jaws Job Application With Speech aka Jaws drives me buggy when I am writing up any kind of document. It starts out fine and then when I open it up to add in more stories or details it drags the first three or so sentences to the bottom of the pages I am working on. I have tried for years and years to figure out how to fix this problem. Usually Jamie just drags and drops my text back into place for me. But I am going to try writing my November Nano project on the new computer. (I would bite my nails at the moment but I have already bitten them into the quick just thinking of doing that.)


In other good news Jamie’s new job at Pizza Hut seems to be going slow but hopefully that won’t last forlong. I am hoping he can climb the ladder and get assistant manager in a few months then get General manager in a few months after that.


On the job front my job still sucks totally. But I have some time off this weekend. I got to go in for a half day today so that was cool. I am off Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. And I don’t have to be into work on Monday until ten a.m. So get to sleep in till around eight a.m. Monday. I usually work from seven thirty a.m. to four P.m. and get home around five fifteen. On the good side I have Amazom prime for the next year and have plenty of music, movies, and t.v. shows to watch for free and download for free as well. I also brought Jamie his Christmas present and birthday present as well. It is a brand new 65 inch T.V. It has something called Smart Cast on it and it can be run using an I pad which is totally cool. It can also be used as a giant computer monitor which is awesome as well. I figured I got a computer he could have a T.V.


Also in the works is moving coming up in October. I will be totally glad to get out of the house we are in currently. It’s ok but I am ready for a change. Jamie is also looking into getting himself a custom computer once he saves up the money for it. His art work is going well. I hope by December he will start getting some commissions for it. Keeping my fingers crossed on that one. I know he would much rather be doing art work than working. And there are a few other things we are working on as well. Time will tell if it all comes to fruition or not. But either way we will get by and are starting to do more stuff we want to do instead of stuff we just have to do to survive and get by. I am gaining a more positive attitude due to my gemstone necklaces. The positive stuff I have been reading and listening to helps out a whole lot. I am also trying to not surround myself with toxic people or friends. I think that will have a big impact on my thoughts and actions. Jamie has always been a positive person. I am the pessimist. But I am working hard to change that attitude and be more productive and positive. Trying to dispel all of the negative junk thoughts in my head like usual. And it works better more and more each day. I just have to keep pushing away the giant boulder of negativity as it enters my mind and tries to settle in. But I am doing that. Whenever I feel those thoughts coming on I tell myself to shut up and be more positive. And It is working so far. If I can figure out the new computer I will be off and rolling with it soon and hopefully get rid of my old Windows 10 laptop as well. I am keeping my Windows 7 laptop as a back up computer.


Lady Soket,

“Remember to smile at least three times a day.”


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