Things are looking up

Well it’s been five days since my last post. Updates to things are as follows: Still reading Ed’s book My oue. Work still is a pain as usual. Credit card debts are almost paid off completely. Still working on Magic Happens. Really good news is that Jamie got a job last week working for Pizza Hut as lead shift supervisor. He will be making more than me grumbles cheerfully but who does not? Smiles. He will be in training for like amonth and then in ninety days should be able to move up the ladder to assistant manager and then to general manager in another ninety days. He started working today from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. But that is all cool. He really wants to work his way up to higher management. So he is se can still do the things he wants to do and bring in a little money on the side as well.


I am vastly relieved to have the credit card debt going away. So while work still sucks things are looking up. I am becoming more positive. And I hope that will be reflected in my own writing soon. And then of course there is All Hallows Eve aka Halloween coming up. I love that holiday immensely. And not just because of the costumes. Smiles. Things are a lot better now. August was a really big pain. But September has turned out to be really good and relaxing so far.


I can’t wait for Nano in November as well. Ideas are starting to percolate around in my brain as to what to write on. Not sure yet what that 50k writing project will be about. But will let you all know when it occurs to me. I plan to write a little today and tomorrow. Then on Monday after work. I hope that you all are doing well and having fun with your life.


Lady Soket,

“Don’t dream small dreams. Dream big ones. Then make them come true.”tcast Stat


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