Quick Update

Waves to everyone. I finisooou up to this coming weekend?


Everyone take care and have fun writing.


lady soket,

“Time waits for no one. It pays to be a Goddess.”

uwho have friended me there. I know I have added in more than 30 people in the last two weeks. A special shout out to Chris Shrewsbury. Enjoyed talking to you so much. Drop me a comment here and I will reply. WordPress.com is my home away from home as I can upload posts to FB  and Twitter from here. I will write more soon. Ed Mckewon- So good to talk to you. It was a real pleasure to so nice to talk to another martial artist. I am still looking for a Aido teacher. I do hope to see you at the next con. Deep south con 55. Jen Davis-Lovely to talk to you as well. I want us to get together soon. What are y, really hate Facebook. I want to thank all of yn. I will keep you all updated on it.


I reallytime. I plan to have a regular drink for Revlan to enjoy. It should be a lot of furk and the fashions at the hed my nano for July. Got past my 40k word limit. Stories not finished yet but getting there. The big 50k event for nano is in November. You have to hit that mark or beyond to win.


I have now started the research for Magic Happens for the story about Revlan my magician set in 1920s New York. Many thanks to Allen Wold for the Plotting workshop this year that helped me flesh out the bare bones for this story. I will be doing more research this week to make the world he inhabits more believeable and real. I have already researched drinks and a little about the 1920s in New y


Please feel free to follow my blog or come back and visit me anytime. I love hearing from myReaders.Leave a Reply

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