Star Trek Beyond and Ice Age collision Course

Well on Friday night Jamie and I went to see Ice Age Collision Course and Star Trek Beyond. We saw Ice Age Collision Course first at the nine forty five showing.

Scrat was up to his usual crazy antics. Manny and Elly experience seperation anxiety as Peaches and boyfirend prepare to leave home. Buck returns and saves the world with the gang’s help. Crash and Eddie do really dumb stuff as usual. Sid, Diego, and Granny rock as usual. Sid finds true love at last. All in all a very fun movie to watch and listen to.

Star Trek Beyond. I am a Trekkie. I have been for years. But J.J. Abrahams is ruining everything. Sighs. That having been said Star Trek Beyond had way too much alien speak for me. The villain was defeated too easily. The swarm/hive mind concept was intresting. Jamie loved that whole idea. But the sub titles grew bboring. As I can not see them they did me little good at all. I wish someone would come up with descriptive captions for the theater. Especially for those of us who are blind or visually impaired. The movie had the usual by play between jim, spock, and Mccoy. The added bonus of Uhura and Spok’s relationship problems was fun. I wish they had more scenes togethe. Scotty was fun as usual. The people being taken over by the swarm was fun to listen to. But all in all I liked Star Trek Into Darkness Better. Better storyline and plot. Star Trek Nemesis was an even better movie. “I was lonely.” chuckles. I tend to use movie quotes at work and no one gets them at all but they are still my own little private amusement. So new Ice Age a thumbs up. New Star Trek movie 2 on a scale of 1-10. Go and see them and judge for yourselves.

Lady Soket
“Darkness is your friend. I live there all the time.”


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