Inside the Con: Con-gregrate 2016

All right after a long weekend of going to Con-gregrate in High Point, N.C. this weekend I have some things to say and report on. First off a great big kudos of thanks to James and Tara Fullbright for putting things together so well. You people are simply amazing. All of the Con Suite staff John,Marcy,Carol, and the volunteers. You guys and girls rock. As usual there were many writing panels and lots of other fun stuff to attend and do and see and listen to. Valentine Wolf, White Plectrum, and The Blubbering Humdingers were there as musical guests. Editors from Baen Books, Phase Five Press, Flagstaff Press, and many others were there as well. The list of writers were long and varied as well. Allen and Darcy Would, Gail Z. Martin and Larry Martin,Steve Barnes, Chris and Darrin Kennedy, John Hartness, David B. Cole, and lots of others. Panels I went to include Allen’s Plotting workshop for two solid hours of good information and support. Allen is a fine writer and a good teacher of the fundementals of writing and plotting out books, short stories and novels. He explains things in simple terms and will be happy to answer questions. He also runs a writing workshop which I highly reccomend for the sheer fun of it. I have done it since 2014-2015 and I will tell you it will really get your creative juices flowing and your mind working fast. The Writing Workshop is also fun because you get to write up something and get feedback on it from professional authors. You get to do the Writers Workshop for two days. You get two hours on the first day and then you take what you have and get feedback the next day. I have recordings of all the writing panels I went to and Jamie did some recordings as well. Allen and Darcy Would are my extended family. I really enjoy our talks and picking their brains after the writing workshop or the plotting workshop. They have so many useful and encouraging things to say. Allen and Darcy are the reason I keep going to Con-gregrate each year. We met the following people while there: Darrin Kennedy,Chris Kennedy, Gail Z. Martin, Larry Martin, Steve Barnes, John Hartness, David B. Cole, and lots of others. I simply can’t say enough good things about Steve Barnes. He is an excellent author and teacher of Tai Chi, and a really nice person to boot. (As a side note: He runs an online writing workshop. Sorry Steve for missing Sunday’s class at the con. I hope to see you at the next Con-gregrate in 2017. I really enjoyed learning Tai Chi from you personally. Would love to see you at Con-gregrate in 2017.(. I have lots of good information to listen to now and Dark Desires to work on. In the plotting workshop I came up with a short story that will be fun to write. Revlan will be a hard drinking stage magician who hires hit men to kill his ex wife. Then he has second thoughts and the story takes a different twist from there. I am at 26, 666 words so far for Dark Desires. Still plugging my way towards the 40k goal. But I have plent of time left to finish that. Lots more to come Gentle Readers.


Lady Soket,

“Make characters fun to write. Give them quirks. Then kill them.”


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