Dark Desires update Nano 2016

Hello again Gentle Readers. It has been a few days since my last post. Dark Desires is coming along nicely. I have gone from 10, 153 words on Friday to a total of 25, 421 so far of my 40k goal. I am really whipping my word count goals ass. I wanted to have 24k by the end of tonight. I am very happy that I have blasted that total and am into day 19 of writing as of this post. As I will be off all of this coming weekend for Con-gregrate 3 Geek Summer Camp. It is going to be a blast. I am really, really looking forward to it this year. And next year will be even better as one of my all time favorite authors Barbra Hambly will be there as Author Guest of Honor. If you have never heard of Hambly look up Dragonsbane. Then read DragonShadow, Knight of the Demon Queen, and Dragonstar. I love the whole series. They are great fun reads that make you think about love, loyalty and ultimately what it means to be human and dealing with the choices we make.


Any way I wanted to update you all on Dark Desires. It is not turning out to be 30 stories in 30 days as I had first thought it was going to be. But that is ok. World on Fire is ripping right along. So far it is the most fun to write so far. I have a superhero story to write and a harem story for another friend. But I will get to those soon as well. For now I am making very nice progress and stopping to give myself a “You Rock, Kim. Keep it up.” And of course do the silly happy dance of meeting yet another word count goal. I am really having fun with this Nano project and who knows? World on Fire just might become a novel. That would be great. But I have so many characters in it that it will be intresting to see where it finally ends up.World on Fire is a story of conflict and twists between vampires and werewolves. They are fighting to save the last remaining humans alive after The Plague struck. It is an after the end of the world story. How do the humans survive both the werewolves and the vampires? Food is scarce for all. Water is limited. Animals are dying off by the score. And that is just at the start of the story. Hot sex scenes are provided for your enjoyment. Revenge will be a topic as well. Romance is in there as well.


And that is enough about Dark Desires for now.I will be posting on it more on the week of July 18. Catch you all then. I will also be reporting on the fun at Con-gregrate.


Lady Soket,

“Make people care about your characters. Then kill them off. It always surprises people.”



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