Nano July 2016 coming up on Friday Ready, Set, Write!

Well Gentel Readers it’s that time again. No don’t go clean the kitchen. Or take out the trash. Or do the laundry that is piling up like a huge shambling mound in the corner of your bedroom. Its time once more for Camp Nano. Get out that keyboard, tablet, or phone and write, write, write. It’s time to have some fun with your cabin mates if you have them. or just challenge yourself to write more than you did in April. Which if you are wondering I did not make my goal for April this year. So it’s a fresh start for myself in July. Also in a couple of weeks is Con-gregrate. I am so looking forward to working there again. It will be so much fun. Look up myself and Jamie in the Con Suite if you all want to. It will be in High Point, N.C. from July 15-17. I plan to buy a few things while I am there as well. I hope to see my friends Allen and Darcie Would once more. I plan to attend Allen’s Plotting workshop. I know that Jamie does as well. I really hope to get some good feedback from the plotting workshop. I also am working on some short stories as well. I am going to plunge ahead nd publish something by the end of the summer. Even if I have to put it up on or something. So a busy few weeks coming up for me. I am sure by the time August rolls around I will be exhausted and ready to take a break from everything. Will update more soon. Take care all.


Lady Soket

“Darkness and light are two sides of the same coin. Unless you smudge it. Then it is a nice neutral gray.”


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