If You Could Be any Disney Character…

Hello, My lovely Readers. This is a set of two random questions.


If you could be any Disney Character who would you be?


And why?


For question one I have to say Belle from Beauty and the Beast. She was unaccepted by her village for loving to read and being smart. She also had a kind manner and a good heart. And she did not fall for the “pretty boy” Gaston who although he was handsome was more a beast than the Beast actually was.


She was a quick thinker and used her intuition well. And let’s face it animated servers and house keepers. What a blast. And she got the whole castle to herself with a kick ass wardrobe to boot. Plus I like the stories where a curse has to be removed.


And why? Besides the reasons listed above she had a backbone and could horse back ride well. I have always liked both animals and roses. This movie had both and a happy ending as well as Gaston the lout got killed and the curse got dispelled as well. Although I do often wonder if the Beast ever remembered his own name after such a long time as the Beast.


Just as a side note if you love this fairy tale as much as I do do yourselves a favor and pick up Robin Mckenley’s Beauty and Rose Cottage. Very good books. Also read Mercedes Lackey’s The Fire Rose for a unique take on this story.


Lady Soket,

“The woods in fairy tales are always dark. That is so the hero or heroine can have some fun out of sight of the parental units sight.”


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