Random Thoughts

Random Thoughts
By Kim Robinson

Date: May 26, 2016.

I have come to several conclusions about myself and my lifestyle in general. I am currently writing up multiple short stories and was thinking “No one has really done writing from a blind person’s point of view.” So I am thinking of doing that. But I have so many things that I want to do that I lose focus on some of them. Wr or outline this plot or I am keeping you around because if I can’t sleep niether can you.”

I have insomnia. It really, really sucks. Sometimes I can go home after being stone cold bored at work and sleep from like five p.m. to ten p.m. Then I am up until like one fifty two a.m. Then I lay back down and try to sleep. Then I go to sleep finally at five twenty a.m. and I have to get up at six a.m. to get ready to go to work. So I suppose I sleep some. but it really messes up my schedule when I sleep like that. And that was last night by the way. Sighs.

I was reading a blog on wordpress.com by a person who happens to be pagan and a practicing witch. I can totally understand where she is coming from on her views of paganism and life in general. Which leads me to that taboo subject religion. Now before I voice my own views I will say I was raised a Christian from the age of five to the age of fifteen. I had a bit of trouble in church as the preacher started talking in tongues. I was eight at the time and asked quite innocently, “Is he ok? Does he need help?” and was told he was fine and he was speaking in tongues. To me it looked like he was suffering a fit. I ran out of the church. I did ask why God simply did not let the man speak in English as God knew all languages. I was told very firmly to be still and be quiet. I decided then and there that if no one would answer my questions I did not see the point of church. I went until I was fifteen years old. Then I rebelled against all of that and quit going. Then at twenty two I went with afriend of mine to her church. Everything was going normal until her preacher started talking in tongues as well. It set the hairs on the back of my neck to crawling. And I basically was told the same thing I had been told when I was eight i.e. “Everything is fine he is simply speaking in tongues.” I again asked why God could not simply communicate in simple English. I did not get a good answer then either. So I got up and walked out of that church as well. So pretty much from then on I have studied barious religions and found my real home in wicca and paganism. Mostly because the people I meet in those circles do not condemn people for not believeing in only one God and don’t say, “You are going to burn in Hell if you don’t believe as I do and follow what I do.” This to me negates the belief that “God is love.” For if God is love why would he want others to tear down others beliefs or spirit by saying such a limiting, narrow minded thing?

Over the years I have gotten statements like, “You are going to hell.” And “The devil has you in his grasp.” And of course there is my favorite , “You are evil and I want nothing to do with you or your beliefs.” As I get older I have learned not to reveal my religion to others. It is not that I am ashamed of it. It is simply because I hit a wall of preconceptions that I have to overcome in order to make people understan where I am coming from. It can get very tiring to have to explain “Good magic” from “Black magic.” Often I do not have the inclination to educate others. They have their own viewpoints on all subjects. I know that I tend to think outside the box and most of the people I encounter are perfectly happy with their own status quo. Why attempt to look outside of their own comfort zone if they do not have to.

So yes I am wiccan/pagan. And I will talk about it with people if they don’t have such a close minded view point on the subject. It has really been nice not wworrying about “Burning in Hell/the devil/Satan.” That is in the Christian belief system. I do not count myself in that catagory. So I let people think what they want to when they want to. I simply do not bring up religion or politics to anyone. Politics is another matter entirely. I do not want to go into a discussion of that here. Because I think we should all vote Independant. I really hope that someday we can all see eye to eye on religion and politics. But i am beginning to wonder if this will occur in my life time. I do not think it will. There are far too many people happy to be stuck in a narrow rut and not see anything beyond it. I can pity them. But I can not change them. And I am not going to try to do so anymore. It is a waste of energy that could be better spent elsewhere. iting in

As I said earlier these are just some random thoughts that have been running around in my head. I thought I would share them with you all and invite some comments. I will be continuing to write my stories and post them up here. My goal of getting them publishedhas not changed. It is simply getting up the money to do so. Once I have that in hand the sky’s the limit as they say. I will be working on the “Personal Hell” stories this weekend. I am planning to have at least ten stories in that collection. Not to mention the random short stories I am currently writing. So lots to do and not enough time to do them all in. I suppose I could take No Doze. And then stay up for like seventy two hours straight just to get even more stuff done. But I have to catch some sleep sometime. Since that is sparadic most of the time I have to sleep when I can and not complain about when that is. I do rest at work. but sometimes sitting around doing nothing can be more tiring than actually doing something. I am sure you all know what I mean by that. I will write more later as more random thoughts come to me.

Lady soket
“Killing things is easy. It’s getting a good night’s sleep that is hard.”  and of itself is a good thing. But of late I have let it consume all of my free time.

So lately it is eat, sleep, work, write. Those last two often happen while I am at work lately. production is low and we are waiting on work to arrive once more from the wharehouse. So lots of sitting around equals spare writing time. Now I have written at work off and on this week. So far I have got in about six full hours. But the stories I am working on are not finished. I set one aside yesterday because I just was not feeling the vibe to write it. I know what is going to happen in that one. So I started another one. Entirely new and I have only an inkling of where this one is going to go. I have about half a dozen around seven ongoing short stories. And I have a list started of about tweleve more that I want to do. Now you would think with so many options I would not need yet another new story to play around with. But sometimes the muse can be a real bitch. There are times I have to cage her up and stick her under my desk saying something like, ” You are not ggoing anywhere until I finish this story


2 thoughts on “Random Thoughts

  1. Living in these times is strange, right? In this time, get your sleep. One step at a time. Besides, sounds like you got a handle on things here.

    Keep up the effort, writer.

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