Quick Notes

Happy Memorial day weekend to everyone. Just a few quick notes to keep you all updated. Starting on writing up the “Personal Hell” stories. I have missed my goal of one story a week this week so I have to take up the slack and write something up today. Work sucks as usual. Waiting on contract details to be hammmered out and sitting around all day doing absolutely nothing at all. It makes me super tired and bored. But I have been writing a little this week. About six hours worth. My goal for the week was three hours a day. However I can still do my story for the week. Luckily I have an extra day this weekend. So that helps immensely.
So the “Personal Hells” stories will be forthcoming. Look for them to be posted up here just as quickly as I can get them done. See you all soon. And check out yola.com for a free website for anything you want to put up.

Lady Soket,
“Happiness is made not found.”


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