Last Midnight update and Various Ramblings

Well the good news is Last Midnight is done as of last Thursday. Once I get Jamie to do an edit on it I will post it up here for you all to comment on and enjoy.

I will be adding in some pictures of necklaces for sale as well.


I am starting to write up “Personal Hells volume 1. Basically the stories there will take people in various professions and put them on the other side of whatever profession they do. Example: A dentist gets to experience being in his own dental chair with one of his clients doing mouth work on him. Example 2: A lawyer gets put on trial for a crime he did not commit. I am sure you all get the idea. I do not know how many stories I will do for the first volume but I will update you soon.




I really like a lot of music. Anyone who has not heard of Savage Garden go and listen to them on I have been listening to a variety of music while at my deadly boring and slow job. I have been taking in my laptop and writing last week. I will be doing the same this week as well. My section is all caught up which translates to “Seat your ass in your seat and try not to fall asleep from total boredom.”


I also can’t wait for Con-gregrate 2016. It will be a hell of a lot of fun. Plan to attend it people. Lots of stuff to buy, way cool authors to meet and socialize with. Allen Would and his daughter Darcie will be there. Jamie and I will be working the con suite once more and hope to see you all there. I plan to raid the Dealers room and talk to as many creative people as I can. I’ll be easy to recognize. I will be the only blind woman there. Smiles. Everyone is friendly and lots of panels and fun stuff to do. I plan to attend Allen’s Plotting Workshop. And I am sure you will see Jamie looking around at different costumes, workshops, and having a good time in general. It is going to be July 15-17 in High Point, N.C. I will most likely have a great time as usual. I just wish it lasted a week instead of a weekend.


Anyhow that’s all I wanted to tell you lovely Readers about so far. I have some writing to do. Catch you all later.


Lady Soket

“Of course you can kill them. But make your readers care about them first.”


Please feel free to follow my blog or come back and visit me anytime. I love hearing from myReaders.Leave a Reply

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