R.I.P. MoM

Well today is Mother’s Day so I thought I would take a few minutes and put up a short post about mine. She was born on 6-26-1951 and passed away on May 8, 1998 from an agressive form of cancer. Her first job was working for Dairy Queen in her teens. Her last job was working for Raceway a gas station as a cashier. In between she spent many years in the grocery store business mainly working for Safeway grocery store as a cashier and part time manager. She was a Cancer and her favorite color was green. She was always dressed to the nines unless it was the weekend. And even then she was rarely caught in sweats or T-shirts. She always took lots of time in the bathroom doing up her hair and make up.I know the question you are going to ask about that. Anywhere from 1-3 hours. She hardly went anywhere with out her make up and hair done. She enjoyed lady like clothes which genereally meant dresses and heels. She seldom wore jewelry other than her rings and earrings. She could not wear anything other than pure gold as she was allergic to it. She was considered the “black sheep” of our family but when something tramatic happened and someone needed caring for they all called on her. Mainly because they did not want to take care of anyone but themselves. But that is another issue which I may go into later. She was fond of designer handbags. Although she had only one that I can recall. It was a deep brown with green accents and was made by Doonie & Burke. She also had a keyring that was black and tan and made by them also.


On the outside she was very put together. Emotionally she was a wreck due to the fact of her severe drinking problems and smoking. She tried to portray herself as “together” at least to the public. In her teens she wanted to be a tennis star. Her parents did not encourage this at all. So she worked her whole life doing something else. I won’t say that she did not have a good life. I will say that she abandoned a lot of things to raise me. It was hard for her as I had multiple handicaps i.e. Cerebal palsy on my left side and a vision impairment. It was very hard for her to work long hours and deal with me as well. But she did it.


I became a very good person who was taught the values of honesty, ethics, working hard, and striving to reach your goals. I always had lots of support and love from her. She was glad I was smart and knew things she did not. When she died it left a huge gap in me. It took me several years to get over her deathand the hole will never completely be filled that is left by her absence. She always encouraged me with my writing which is all I have ever wanted to do. Write and make a living from it. Enough to support myself and live comfortably.


So I wanted to take the time this Mother’s Day to say “Thank you, Mom. You were the best and I miss you deeply.” I hope you are doing all the things you ever wanted to do now and enjoying your After Life to the fullest.


Lady Soket

“Cherish the people you have. For they may be gone tomorrow. Love them fiercely while you have them.”


One thought on “R.I.P. MoM

  1. I also lost my mother to cancer (1997, May 1st) … It’s amazing how that long goodbye helps us to forgive the little “sins” we found in their parenting… My mother and I did not have a good relationship, but I remember her every year on her anniversary. And I find I miss her. Sympathies…

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