List of Roleplaing Characters for Fur Affinity .net

Since I am having trouble with FA’s site I will post a link here. And the characters I wanted to use as well.


Main characters for roleplaying

1. Soket- ancient Goddess. She has long black hair, green eyes, and fair skin. Usually appears in a long silver gown and silver sandals. Tempermant- playful, devious, and autocratic. Age: Over 4 millennia old.

2. Xander- demon. In human form is 64, has long dark brown hair almost black and deep gray eyes. Has lightly tanned skin and often appears either stark naked or clothed in clothing of some red color. Age: Several eons old.

3. Meela- mermaid. She has long flame red hair and her lower half is the same flame red. She has spring green eyes and alabaster skin. Age: 33.

4. Zovor- merman. He has black hair and golden eyes. His lower half is a deep purple. His skin has a light purple cast to it as well. Age: 40.

5. Antar- minotaur- Leader of The Minotaurs of the  Broken Shield. He is black with silver eyes . He has silver hooves and horns and his chin tuft and tail tuft are also silver. Age: 1200.

6. Minotaurs of the Broken Shield- 11. Rog- minotaur wizard- deep gray all over with white horns and hooves. His chin tuft is a pale palamino color as is his tail tuft.  Age: 25.
The other 10 are used upon request.
7. Sytari- anthro mare. She is gold with scarlet red zebra stripes. She has a mane of black and a tail of the same color. Her eyes are aalso doing writing comissions. Rates are as follows:


1k-3k 30.00


8k-10k – 60.00ou would like me to do a story foour story. Paypal is my preferred method for payments.


I will do requests if they are intresting to me. Drop me a line and we will see.


Lady Soket

“Killing things is easy. Making them survive torture is more fun.” ou send me details of your character’s name, age, and full description. Tell me which range of words you want. And I will start working on yr y

10k-up- send me a message.


I will NOT do vomit scenes. Do not ask me for them.


If ydeep gold-green. Age: 30. Generally goes about in a loose blouse of soft red and matching pirate type skirt slit up the sides for ease of movement. She is a dominant personality.

I have more than this list to play around with but these are my primary roleplaying characters.


I am


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