Its Nano Time Once Again

Hello again Gentle Readers. You kknow what time it is again don’t you? No it’s not time for sleep. No it’s not time to eat. It’s the fabulous month of April which means it’s Nano time once again. It’s time to write our little fingers off and pound out some word count. I have space in my cabin if anyone wants to join me. Let me know. My own writing project is a bunch of horror/erotic stories this time around. I am behind schedule because my other computer let me write two files before being bitchy and not wanting to work again. I have those files in e-mail however so it’s not all bad. I am only like 10k behind my project goal of 30k. So not too bad. I was at almost 5k last week. Sighs. However I shall endeavor to keep my spirits up and keep plugging along. So I do hope that Hilary and Simon are doing their NaNo this month as well. Waves to them both. See? I didn’t forget about you two. I hope you are both doing well. And I hope to hear from you both soon. Till then keep up the writing!


Lady Soket

“Remember killing characters does not have to be permanent. You can always bring them back later.”


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