Under The Bloody Sun

Under the Bloody Sun

Ok this is to my Dark Sun group. I will be adding in posts on my wordpress.com blog so that you all can keep up with the game log.

Many thanks to the guys: Colin,Patrick,Jeremy , Jamie, and Wade. Any suggestions you would like to make please feel free to do so. I might not use them all but I will use some of them. I will be writing up the game log as of now and will try to keep it updated regularly. I will put in a cataegory in my main blog. So look for that soon. Any private comments you would like to make on the logs you can leave them via the blog or pass them on to Jamie who will see that I get them.

I am using wordpress.com mainly because Facebook hates me and will let me post a comment once a month to anything on there. And it is usually only one comment per month to one thing. So I am on wordpress.com so I don’t regularly want to kill FB for not working right.


“Remember-make your DM laugh. It just might save your life one day”


“All bribes of caffeine, and chocolates are well recieved.”

(A happy Dm does not kill the players.).

Not to worry guys. I won’t kill you off. Not just yet anyhow.


Please feel free to follow my blog or come back and visit me anytime. I love hearing from myReaders.Leave a Reply

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