Under the Bloody Sun

Under The Bloody Sun

Please note: All information for Under the Bloody Sun is not to be used without express written permissions of the authors/gamers involved. All Game log information is provided for entertainment purposes only. No copying or reuse of game logs is permitted. Thank you very much for enjoying/viewing these logs.- Kim Robinson copyright July 30, 2015. All rights reserved.

Under The Bloody Sun, or How did we find Ourselves in This Mess?

Game Session Date: July 30, 2015

Minus 789

Note: All miss spellings of player character names are the sole mistakes of the DM.
Note 2 We have one set of human brothers and one set of minotaur brothers with a lone large praying mantis bard. (Special note of thanks to Wade who’s playing a low verbal race that uses clicks and other odd noises to make himself understood. (.

Log 1

The two human brothers (Patrick and Jeremy) have a profitable business selling moon shine from under a still under the floor of a barn which they own. The two brothers are not adverse of “freeing” or “mislabeling” their products so that they can sell better in town. They live with their mother, grandfather,and two sisters. Mother is Rissa. Sisters are Kirera ,10, and her sister Lissar,14. Uncle Malkar also lives with them. Grandfather’s name is Galen, and he is 70 years old. Uncle Malkar is 48. The two humans are friends with some minotaur brothers that live about three football fields lengths away from them.

So everything is going well for the two human  moon shiners. Until that is one day when the law comes and rips up their barn floor and takes or breaks up their still. Their mother and grandfather tried to fight the law lizard men off but the lizard men beat up the grandfather, uncle and mother. Then in a bit of petty revenge they took off with the two sisters and Uncle Malkar was seen running away from them.

It is about 3 days later that the two brothers return home to find the devesstation of their life’s work. Upset and vowing revenge on the lizard men they go off to talk to their two minotaur friends. When they do so the two minotaur brothers tell them that they did not see what had happened.  The two humans are Mardon and Kosef. Fearing that the lizard men will come back and get them two they ask their minotaur friends to leave and go away with them so the law will not arrest them and put them in jail for the selling of their moon shine.

While this is going on Mom and Grandpa move in with mother’s sister Bernice. Mom tells the two young men not to be gone long because”I can’t stand all of those dollies. You know if I have to stay here long I am going to kill her.” The two young men assure her that they will not be gone long.

Jamie and Colin are the minotaur brothers and they dredged up water by digging it up from under the ground. Their family has been doing this for years now. Their mother and Father refuse to leave their land and continue to dig and scrape to get by. The two minotaur brothers did not kidnap the two humans sisters.  The minotaurs business now has three hand drills and they were helping to supply water to their two human moon shiner friends. But as of three months ago they had to stop their supply of water as they themselves needed it to survive. Now however the mino brothers have no qualms about setting off with their human friends on a new, and exciting adventure. They are both sick of water farming and eager to get out and explore new things to do and see. Colin is 8 years old and Jamie is 10 years old. Patrick and Jeremy followed the minotaurs around with a bad case of “hero worship.” The two humans are always follwing after the minotaurs and they have serious crushes on their beards according to Patrick. As children Patrick would tell his mom “They are trying to leave us behind again.” So the minotaurs got stuck baby sitting the two humans but eventually they all grew to be friends. The minotaur brothers are “pranksters” and often pull pranks on the humans that travel with them. Jamie playing Xir is 8’7 ft. tall and weighs in at 486 pounds. Colin is 8’1 ft. tall and a little leaner. Inter party conflict will ensue among the party as the minotaurs are pranksters and the humans have anger and violence issues. The two Minotaurs are Rak(Colin( and Xir(Jamie.)(. The two humans find two bottles of their moon shine. It tastes, “Like apples gone bad.” Which is normal for how their stock usually tastes.  The group has a conversation with Xir’s Da Gorth who has them drink lots of moon shine before they leave to travel to the city. “Wine,Women , and Song. And try not to get killed.” “Remember-Pillage, rape, then burn.” Gorth has a healthy sexual appetite and Xir’s mom Duru is often the delighted reby his aarmorous moods. After talking with Gorth the group gathers up their possessions and horses to pull their cart and head off along a hard packed sand road. Going along the road they find the bodies offour skeletons buried up to their chests. Two of them are human. And two n.They also find two non human ones. The group quarrels among themselves and the gemstones are divided among them.

Then they finally reach the walled City of Raam.

Upon arrival there the double gate is closed and guarded by two lizard men. The group buys their way inside of the city. The lizard men bid them a good day and tell them they enter at their own risk. Then they close the doors once more.

Upon entering the city, the group takes the many bones to the minotaur Smith who haggles with them and sells them weapons. Upon Mardon asking after his sisters the Smith replies that he needs to talk to Grom owner of the Ton of Suds tavern. The group takes their weapons and cart and go to just across the street from the Ton of Suds. An old, ragged lizard man named Ular who is blind and a beggar as well tells the group, “Your coming has been fortold. And It shall be legendary as well.” When asked how he knows this the old lizard man hands them a flyer with their pictures and names on it. It shows the whole group and an odd praying mantis like creature as well. Some of the group can read so they tell the others what the flyer says. When asked for more information Ular says that “You are the heros that are destined to save us from the dark tyrants.” They pay him a few wood chips and head over The Ton of Suds. They settle their horses and cart inside and pay for them. Then they go in and meet Grom the owner of the Tavern. Once inside they encounter two cages of bone with two naked dancers inside of them. Mardon and his brother talk to grom to find out where their sisters might be. Kosef listens to it all. Rak drinks and looks about. Upon the naked dancers release from the cages Xir asks Grom if he can sample the elf. Grom says sure and goes to get her. Grom watches as Xir has oral sex with the female elf under his table. He payes her a ceramic for pleasing him. She then goes back up to her room. Mardon goes to Marlen’s Whorehouse to retrieve his younger sister Kira. He buys her back and asks after his other sister. Some older girls are brought out for his inspection. He warns Kira to be silent with his eyes. She does so. He then takes her out of the Wwhorehouse and back to the tavern. Kosef is delighted to see his younger sister when he wakes up from his drunken stupor.  Kosef went with Mardon to get his sister back. He returned to the tavern and woke up the minotaurs. They were all down in the common room when they returned.

After the rescue of Kira group listened to music and and then went outside. Upon going outside after a good night’s rest and meeting and talking to Wade’s praying mantis bard. He talked telepathically to each person in turn. Upon arising the next fday the group goes outside aand is attacked by three lizard men and three elves. A fight ensues and all foes are killed. This fight draws the attention of the city guards and Xir having gotten the information that two gray minotaurs might know where mardon’s other sister is goes fleeing off to the Arena to find out. Mardon leads one away and cracks his skull killing him. He loots the body and continues on. Jeremy and Colin distract the other three guards. Jeremy is told, “you broke several merchants wares and you must pay for them.” Upon his agreeing to do so the guard leaves him alone. Colin was able to evade the two guards on him. Jamie’s lone guard gave up and got lost trying to find him. Eventually the group meets up at the Arena and Xir tells them he is going to find the two gray minotaurs and speak to them about mardon’s elder sister. So it is decided that the group will watch some of the fights and gather more information from the two minotaurs.   find glimmering gemstones and devide them up among the group. Xir gets the red one. Rak get


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